Cytokines Immune Communication Molecule

Bruce Patterson, MD


  • Immune marker elevations in Long Haul, CFS and Lyme
  • Non-classical monocytes, the cells that harbour pieces of the S1 spike protein
  • Inflammation and persistent symptoms
  • Different markers that elevate in chronic Lyme, post COVID and CFS
Eric Gordon, MD

Welcome welcome we’re gathered for another addition so to speak of overcoming long COVID and CFS and today it’s exciting information packed time. I have Dr. Bruce Patterson with me. And Dr. Patterson is head of I believe it’s in cell D. X. I. and a company that I have been using for a year and a half and I have to tell you it’s transformed you know my practice. Dr. Patterson is a viral pathologist and was head of neurology at Stanford Medical School and has I feel been amazing um Trailblazer in understanding and also offering some treatments for long haul COVID and also for a lot of the other chronic inflammatory diseases that we call chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia etcetera. So let me just start off and say Dr. Patterson tell us a little bit about you know what was your aha moment in the beginning you know COVID starts and you had some background in looking at viruses. So what got you going? 

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