Diabetes of the Brain

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  • How Insulin Resistance Impacts Brain Health
  • The Impact of Hypoglycemia on The Brain
  • Key Functional Lab Ranges for Blood Sugar Regulation
  • The Importance of Looking at HbA1C Levels
  • Best Foods and Strategies for Blood Sugar Control
Brain, Brain Health, Diabetes
David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

Hello and welcome to the reverse brain disorders summit. I’m your host Dr. David Jockers and today we’re talking about diabetes of the brain. There is so much research out now showing how diabetes, insulin resistance, prediabetes, high blood sugar or just blood sugar dysregulation how that really impacts the brain and how it impacts inflammatory levels in the brain and is a major risk factor for developing dementia. Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s really all neurodegenerative health conditions. And then even earlier in life these blood sugar disorders can actually cause mood problems, anxiety, depression, they contribute to brain fog, memory problems. So there’s an intimate link between your blood sugar and your brain health. And so I brought on Dr. Brian Mowll here for this great interview. He is the founder and medical director of SweetLife diabetes health Centers. He serves clients worldwide as the diabetes coach for over 20 years.Dr. Mowll has been hell helping people around the world to optimize their health metabolism control blood sugar and reverse type two diabetes using a natural personalized lifestyle approach. In addition, he is the host of the number one rated mastering blood sugar podcast and author of the number one international bestselling book, the pro fast diet burn fat and reverse type two diabetes in just six weeks. So he’s an expert on diabetes and we’re gonna dive into this topic on insulin resistance. Blood sugar dysregulation and brain health. I know you guys are going to really get a lot out of this content. Please share it as well with somebody that you know and that you care about Dr. Mowll Hi and welcome. And I know we’re talking about diabetes of the brain. Such a hot topic. So let’s talk about the connection between blood sugar. dysregulation insulin resistance and brain health. Yeah.

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