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  • How a 200 year old European Healing technique can change your health and your life.
  • The POOP about POOP.
  • Dr. Marisol as she tells us about her experiences healing Lyme patients.
Chronic Illness
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody it’s Robby Besner back with another episode. And today we have an amazing guest. You’ve probably seen her on the regular episodes. So this one is part of the Lyme series and little did I know that Dr. Marisol Teijeiro who’s joining us today. She’s up in Canada and she sees a lot of Lyme in her practice. And so she’s here today to spare some time and shed some light and certainly give us some pearls of wisdom as to what kinds of things that you guys out there can do to just get out of bed, get charged, shift your energy, move towards a positive health experience. Dr. Marisol, thank you for joining us again today. Welcome to The Healthy Hotline.


Marisol Teijeiro, N.D.

Oh thank you so much for having me. It’s always such a blessing and a treasure to spend time with you and your people. And so I’m so excited to share with everyone, my clinical pearls with regards to Lyme’s. So I’ll get started and where I wanted, what I really wanted to focus on was how to prevent Herxheimer symptoms and reactions. In my patient population when I first started seeing a lot of Lyme’s disease, I noticed the reactivity that they were having to certain treatments that I would be doing. And tell you the truth at first, it was very, very, very scary. 

I felt super, super bad for my patients because I would see them basically wanting to crawl out of their skin with the tingling, with the sensations that they were having and how they were feeling in their body almost as though they were toxic and that they’d been poisoned. It was a real struggle at first to figure out a way to adequately treat it and also prevent it. But over time, thankfully with the awesome tools that I have in my practice, I was able to figure out a really great formula that was easy to do, and that all it took was just simply practice and commitment. And that’s something that all of us can do. So let me share it with you, sound good?


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Yeah, let’s go I’m ready. Step-by-step here.


Marisol Teijeiro, N.D.

Awesome, awesome. So we all know, so, or if you know or don’t know, but a Herxheimer reaction can be when you start to feel more aggravated symptoms of your Lyme’s, it can happen all the time. You can be constantly living in a Herxheimer reaction, or you can have like acute episodes where it basically gets worse or in little spurts of time. Many of the symptoms include, again, you can feel like you’re toxic, almost like someone might have poisoned you. That was a common comment that many of my patients would say another experience would be tingling in the extremities or feeling like electrical shocks in different places for many of my patients, that they would feel very anxious. 

So almost like they would have like an elephant on their chest. They’d have problems sleeping, problems going to the bathroom. So there’d be a lot of different issues that I’d be seeing around these Herxheimer reactions. And I initially would would say to them, don’t worry, it’s gonna pass. You just have to work through it. Now, saying that is one thing when you’re not experiencing it, because when you experience a Herxheimer reaction and I experienced one at one point in time, I realized that that wasn’t cool for me to say anymore. It wasn’t gonna work for my patients because they were really, really suffering because it was a really extreme reaction. 

And I looked along my patients and I saw what my colleagues were doing as well too. And what I realized that there was a couple of symptoms that were similar along all of the different Herxheimer reactions that the patients were having. And the biggest things were this was that they were experiencing stress to an umpteenth level a level that was really, really extremely aggravated, and that was giving them all those little tingles and the sparks and the anxiety like attacks that they were feeling. The other thing was that they were often having problems going to the bathroom almost as though the Herxheimer reaction had either shut down their digestive tract or either over aggravated it. 

So then that they would be either having constipation or they’d be having extremes of diarrhea. So they’d have one of those two things. And then finally their sleep, their sleep was horrible, unable to sleep properly, staying awake because of all of these electrical shocks, this was just only further aggravating their situation. So what I ended up realizing was this was that I have certain tools that I’ve been using for years to help the bowels move, to help sleep improve, to basically help anxiety dissipate. And I needed to implement those before the Herxheimer reaction happened. So, and then if it had happened, there was ways that I could do in my clinic that I can actually improve their ability to move through that Herxheimer reaction faster. So let’s go through both of those strategies. 

So strategy one, what is one of the best ways that you can use to actually prevent a Herxheimer reaction? My friends, this is an old ancient tool known as the castor oil pack. This castor oil pack has been in existence and in use since 4,000 BC, like that’s a long, long time ago. And it’s been an ancient medical tool from the very first doctors, Hypocrites, the father of medicine, the very first doctor, the Greek doctor, of course Aristotle, we’ve got doctors like Pliny the elder who were medicine people to the Roman emperors and empresses traditional Chinese medical doctors to the emperors in China. And then of course, Ayurvedic practitioners as well too have used these packs. So this has a history dated very, very far ago. And the fact that it’s still in existence is because it works so well. We still use these in alternative and holistical practices. Now, why was this caster oil pack so imperative to help with prevention of Herxheimer reaction? Well, because the castor oil pack focuses its activities on those three very important areas. 

Number one, improving your sleep. So making sure that you go to bed, get a deep sleep and number two, get your bowels moving, and then I’ll get into why it’s so so imperative and number three, reducing your stress. So then your experience of stress is much reduced. Now, why are those three factors together and in combination important? Here’s the thing when you sleep, you detoxify. The liver is the most active during the hours of one and 3:00 AM in the morning. 

Now many Lyme sufferers are having problems falling asleep, but they’re also having problems maintaining their sleep. And so if you have either of those experiences, what’s happening is that typically it’s because your liver is burdened and having problems being able to detoxify because if your liver was flowing really greatly and doing all its awesome detoxification abilities, cleaning out hormones, clearing out extra excesses of bacteria, improving the immune system function so it can fight off bacteria and it can fight off the coexisting infections that are so predominant with Lyme’s. If your liver is doing a really good job of that. Well then you my friend, you are gonna be sleeping really, really well. But if your liver is burdened, it has an inability to be able to do these activities. And then what happens is that instead of your body being able to package up those things that need to come out of the body, in that beautiful bowel movement that you have when you wake up in the morning after a good night’s sleep. 

Well, instead of them being packaged, what happens is that they are left, let go free in your body. So they’re let to go free in your body. Cause havoc, cause symptoms of stress and anxiety, and they even flow up into your brain and into your nervous system cells causing an aggravation of those symptoms of your tingling, your sparking, your stemming and even waking you up because what happens when the brain tissue gets a boost of toxicity, well it wakes up, because it needs to figure out a way to clear that out of the body so that it could protect itself. 

So these castor oil packs are done in the evening for an hour, at least, and even better, especially in Lyme’s cases, I found it to be much more beneficial to actually go to bed and wear it all night long, because then what would occur is in the morning while they, first of all sleep very, very well over the evening. But then in the morning they would wake up, typically have a much better bowel movement. And that is where the body’s eliminating everything out that it packaged up over the night time and their experience of stress would be greatly reduced in the morning. So this very, very simple activity could help with prevention of Herxheimer by improving the sleep and also improving the stools.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

All right, well let me jump in for one second. For those of you that just tuned in, we’re talking to Dr. Marisol and she is not only the queen of Thrones but she’s one of the, I would say that at least one of the world’s experts on castor oil packing techniques. She has an amazing protocol. If you look right behind her, on the mannequin you can see one of the kind of rap or fascinating garments that she created to actually soak in the castor oil and keep it on your body. And so she’s talking to us about this incredible technique to open up your detox pathways. 

And so think about all the things that, up the chain of events and by the way, as she described about a Herx reaction, most of it, most Herx reaction is really a detox response or a toxic response. And so how do you get that? Well, all the organisms and the imbalance of the organisms, the bacterias, the parasites, micro-organisms, the co-infections, they’ve got a life cycle. And as she’ll describe later on in our interview, I hope where she’s gonna talk about the poop about poop, these organisms poop, those are all toxins. 

If you’re going to a Lyme literate doctor, are you’re doing anything to actually attack the source of the challenge that you have, there’s a die off, that’s also a toxin. So the whole story here is about detoxing beforehand to lower the toxic burden on your body, on your main organ for filtering and for detoxification, which is your liver. And so that when you do do some proactive events that will create another toxic event, you’re not gonna have this kind of extreme reaction. It might be a subtle or no reaction whatsoever. So pay real attention because she’s gonna tell us how easy it is to do this, and you can do it while you’re sleeping. Can you imagine that? So, Dr. Marisol, I’m sorry about the interruption. Keep going, you’re amazing.


Marisol Teijeiro, N.D.

That is so perfect. And actually I love how you said that, that the organisms like the Lyme’s, the other, the blarinella, whatever kind of co-existing infection, cause there’s so many, oftentimes I’ll see patients with Lyme’s, but also having Mono and also just, I mean, the list goes on and on. And you’re 100% correct. These organisms are little organisms and they do, they poop just like we do. And that poop can be toxic, but also when we’re actively treating Lyme’s and trying to figure out and treat Mono, the coexisting infections what’s happening is our tools are very effective, but the die off, which is where these little organisms and their body’s actually just like explode. You can imagine it like that. 

They explode. Well, they actually have on the outside shell of them, they have signals we could call it like little flags. And these flags in your gut where the immune system is harboring, your immune system sees those little flags and goes on alert. And when it goes on alert, that’s where you create an enormous immune reaction. And that immune reaction is what makes you feel just so horrible. And that is the reason why when we’re actively treating Lyme’s disease, you want to be consistently and constantly focusing on making sure that you have good sleep and that you have good stools. 

Those are absolutely imperative because the rest I tell you won’t matter as much because you won’t be able to get things out of the body. You won’t be able to regulate the system because you’ll get stopped because you’ll be feeling so horribly. Think about what happens when you feel bad. Well, you give up, right? So doing caster oil packs, with these do is that they help to give you a leg up. They help to be your friend, your partner in crime during these treatments where they’re helping your body to optimize so that you can actually accept your proper treatments that are excellent. 

Get these treatments, get effective results out of them because you have made sure that your stools are moving out of your body and that your sleep is excellent. So that your liver, that ever important liver can actually cleanse and detox and do all the job of helping the immune system to work its very best. So that truly is the key. And what I’ve found too, is that if in case patients say they’re doing these castor oil packs every single day, these caster oil packs are super simple to do. All it requires you to do is simply pour two tablespoons of oil on the comfortable, nice, soft, organic flannel, and put it on the body. It’s all you need to do. You wear it for an hour or again, even better. 

As Robby said, overnight is the ideal, so you wear it overnight while you sleep. So there’s no hassle, no nothing, wear it overnight, you’re having those good bowel movements. But what happens if you happen to have been doing a treatment with your doctor or practitioner, and it was pretty aggressive because you’re at a stage now of your disease that we can really start to move things out of your system. And what happens then if you get an aggravation again of your symptoms. So an increasing effect of Herxheimer. Well, my friends do your pack at night, but also do it during the daytime. See, you can actually double up on it. So it’s a way that if you’re noticing that your symptoms have aggravated, just do more of it and then it’ll help you to again, better process in the liver and then eliminate out of the body. So super super easy.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

I’ve been doing caster oil packing for almost 15 years and for all of you out there, it’s messy. It could be messy. You figured that out, you created this garment that allows you to soak up the castor oil and have it on the body, but yet you can wear it. We use it in our sauna. You can wear it when you’re going to sleep at night because the outer part of the garment that you’re pointing to actually is sort of acts as almost an insulation. So it keeps the castor oil on the inside, flowing towards your body and absorbing through your skin and cleansing the area that you’re going for, but not making your sheets messy, not making your garments messy. It’s truly amazing. 

And I just wanted to comment about sleep for a minute because you focused on sleep deprivation, but many Lyme patients, they actually sleep like 12, 14 hours, but they wake up and they’re still tired because it’s not really, well it has a little bit to do with the quantity of sleep, but it’s more about the quality of sleep getting into that deep Delta or deep REM sleep, where your brain goes into repair mode and a detox mode like you mentioned, if you’re not in that deep sleep, then you don’t get all those benefits and you wake up tired. As many of you guys I’m sure can appreciate. And then really what’s happening is that’s another burden on your immune system and it allows the imbalances of the overgrowth of the Lyme and the co-infections and whatever else, maybe mold too, that’s going on inside of you to sorta create havoc. It gives them advantages. So the sleep quality, the bowel movements, like everything you’re talking about is such a simple application and protocol, everyone out there can benefit from this, whether you have Lyme or not. So I love the track that you’re on. Dr. Marisol, keep going.


Marisol Teijeiro, N.D.

Thank you and thank you for clarifying that. Cause it’s exactly that it’s a deep restorative sleep that we’re looking for. But do note waking up between one and 3:00 AM, because this is classically what I see like with anyone with any kind of toxicity, the one and 3:00 AM people will note, but again, it’s all about the deep sleep. Good deep sleep and great bowel movements can do wonders for you. And then there’s another aspect which I love about the castor oil packs, which I’ll share, which is the other side benefits. Of course, Robby I’m glad that you brought up that the caster oil packs were messy because this was some of the reasons why people weren’t doing the packs before and they were shying away from it.

Because here you are dealing with a chronic disease, you have so many things to think about, so many practitioners to go to, your life already feels really tough. And here you’re asked to do something that takes like 12 steps to do. No one’s gonna want to do that. And that was the big reason why I wanted to make this a little simple, less than two minutes, less than two steps. Very, very simple. Just put it on your body and go with it. And they aren’t 100% impermeable, just so people know because it is a caster oil pack and it still has a little degree of messiness, but to avoid that, just wear an old t-shirt and then you’re good to go. So there shouldn’t be any issues with that. 

Another aspect that I love about the caster oil packs is that it goes much further than just the sleep, the stress and improving your stools. It also helps you with what you’re taking to work better. So many Lyme’s patients whenever they’ve come into my office for the first time, they’re bringing like bags, huge laundry bags full of their supplements that they’re taking. And we oftentimes need many of them. And this is very true because Lyme’s is a chronic disease and is a tough disease to work with. However, the big reason why we’re needing so many is because our absorbability in our gut is very much damaged because of the bacterial overload, but more so because of the yeast overload that often coincides with Lyme’s disease. 

And that affects how we digest our food, our ability to absorb everything. So one of the extra bonuses with caster oil packs is that it truly helps you to better absorb the supplements and the treatments that you’re taking. So you can get better effectiveness from your anti-microbials that you may be taking that are herbal. You can get better effectiveness from the supplements that you are taking, like your minerals and your B vitamins that are so, so, so, so essential for the liver. I often see in Lyme’s patients having problems with their liver enzymes, they might be lower. 

Sometimes they’re higher. Certain liver enzymes when they’re lower, taking an example like ALP that’s alkaline phosphatase that is often low in Lyme’s patients from my experience. And what’s correlated too is often things like zinc deficiencies. But zinc is required for the immune system to function properly. It’s a good key that your immune system also isn’t dealing with the burden very well. So things like castor oil packs, when you put on that caster oil pack every night, every day you’re gonna be absorbing better and better your minerals so then your liver function can work better. So there’s all these little side benefits too. And that’s, I think is super important because I know and I understand the hundreds and thousands of dollars that you’re spending on your supplements and your treatments, and I want them to work better for you. Right?


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Right. So it’s not only easy to use, but it’s effective and it’s affordable. I mean, not to mention many of the doctor’s visits and even the medications that you might be having or using, they’re coming straight out of your pocket. And aren’t reimbursable. I know Canada’s got more of a community or socialized healthcare system so the government helps somewhat. But then you have to, it may take a while before you get diagnosed and or you get into the system. 

And meanwhile, you’re still feeling like pretty much horrible, right? So, just the idea that you can do something simple, easy to do at home. Everybody can do it, it’s affordable, it’s effective. And it really kind of creates a primal platform for healing, which I think is what we seem to forget sometimes. Everybody calls the Lyme the enemy, but truth be told in order for you to effectively work on coming out of the other end of the tunnel, you have to create a healthy platform from the ground up and using this technique really kind of turns on a lot of these important detox pathways that are so necessary and to harbor generally good health. So, I mean, today is a talk about Lyme, but really what you’re offering is pearls of wisdom for everybody out there that’s listening. So keep going Marisol, you’re batting a thousand.


Marisol Teijeiro, N.D.

Awesome and then there’s another aspect about protective. Many Lyme’s patients may need to take antibiotics. This is reality, right? We might need to take antibiotics, but we all get worried about taking the antibiotics because we’re worried about what it’s going to do to our microbiome. We know that there are side effects from that. Now this is the other bonus. And I mean, if you just look at what’s happening here, this caster oil pack really becomes foundational to any Lyme’s treatment protocol because the caster oil pack not only will it help you get that deep restorative sleep, it’ll help you to have better bowel movements and really eliminate out the components that need to be coming out of your body consistently so that you have a reduction of Herxheimer reaction. 

It’s also helping you to improve your supplement absorption, improving your liver detoxification so you can clean up a lot better. But then as another bonus is this is that castor oil is really beneficial for the microbiome. And when you’re doing the caster oil pack topically, you’re helping to prepare, prevent total destruction of a healthy microbiome. In fact, you’re helping from the outside in to actually support a healthy microbiome, which can help reduce levels of candida yeast, which can help support a much better immune system reactivity and can help you in your fight against Lyme’s. 

So it really, to me, sums up what a good foundation practice is with Lyme’s. And I truly believe that every single Lyme’s patient should be doing a caster oil pack because it will help every single thing that they’re doing just work that much better, and it’ll help them to get back to living at least a better state of life than what they have right now at this moment, a little bit faster. And those small gains are huge when it comes to Lyme’s treatment.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Right, awesome. You know, many of us out there, even if we didn’t have Lyme just had a virus of some kind of infection in the US particularly many of the doctors, the standard of operating procedures, just to delve out the antibiotic, as it might be targeted to the particular virus or bacteria or overgrowth, parasite, whatever. It does one thing if it does that effectively, if they catch that right. But it’s also creating an imbalance with the beneficial bacterias and we have more than 60,000 and the science on that. I mean, have a dear friend Dr. Zach Bush, who is now created a full thesis on the other imbalances or regaining balance in your microbiome. And so those bacterias are so important for us. 

We all live symbiotically in our environments. With the internal environment and our external environment to create that balance. And so when we get the imbalance which is really why, suppresses your immune system and what’s causing, why is it that your internal environment might host or be a good environment for Lyme to thrive? You know, many of us, have Epstein-Barr and cancer and pneumonia and Lyme and all that inside of us, but some of us are symptomatic and some of us aren’t, and a lot of it has to do with things you talked about, emotional stresses that come into us. 

So the idea that you can do something as simple as this, and you know you mentioned this isn’t just a new invention. It’s from the history of the world. Many cultures have used castor pack applications to bring them back to health and maintain optimal health. And so I just love what you’re doing and the direction you’re going and what you offer to everybody out there. And that is a simple, complete, and it’s so important from a foundational point of view. 

And I think that if you build that platform and then you offer your body some of the nutritional deficiencies that maybe the overgrowths or the imbalance have caused, now you’re creating a super healthy structure or foundational primal platform for you really to gain your strength back, but not just for the moment, really for the long-term. And then you can start some aggressive protocols that go after underlying sources and regaining that balance back in your internal system. So we, yeah, we only have a few more minutes and I’m sure you and I can talk for hours. So we’ve already experienced that. So I’m wondering with the few minutes left, if there’s a few more things that you’d like to share with us today.


Marisol Teijeiro, N.D.

The only other thing that I’d like to share was this is that when we’re talking about those bacteria in the gut, because they are so very important, it’s also the natural selection and caster oil helps you to naturally select the ones that are gonna be more beneficial to you. Because many of us are taking probiotics that have a high level of lactobacillus bacteria. You’ll also see some bifidobacteria, however, lactobacillus bacteria for many people can cause actually more immune dysregulation. And I’ve seen this often in Lyme’s. So when you are doing a caster oil pack, this can help with natural selection to move towards maintaining more of a preference of the bacillus culture and the bifidobacteria, sorry, because the bifidobacteria will create things like short chain fatty acids. You may have heard of these, like butyric acid. 

And this butyric acid is incredible to help heal the gut lining from the inside. So what ends up happening is you have the system from the outside and you’re doing the castor oil pack that now modulates and change that bacteria inside the gut. And now the gut is more populated with bifidobacteria that is creating more of that butyric beautiful acid. 

I call it, which like heals the internal gut lining. And then you have a recipe that will make sure that you have less yeast in your system because let’s face it. The only reason why yeast comes onto your system is this digestion isn’t only about how you digest your food, but it’s how you digest your life. So whatever you’re taking inwards, that can cause an irritation in the gut, whether maybe it’s a food allergy or maybe it’s a friend who’s really mean, or maybe it’s a mother-in-law that you don’t like, or maybe it’s a job that you had to have. Your boss was brutal.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Everybody blames the mother-in-law for some reason.


Marisol Teijeiro, N.D.

I have a great mother-in-law. So that’s not why.


Robby Besner PSc.D.



Marisol Teijeiro, N.D.

The thing is this is that, that causes inflammation and stress on the gut. And when the yeast sees that, the yeast go crazy and populate and grab on and latch on, and it’s difficult to let go of them, but it is easy to let go of them when you have the right factors playing a good role, like castor oil, which is known to be an exceptionally awesome oil against candida infection, because it supports something known as nitric oxide, which is a known antifungal. 

So it really just to sum up all the activities in Lyme’s and what you can use castor oil packs is as a foundation, I love how you said that Robby cause truly, I feel that this is such a big foundation to build yourself up because you have literally been sucked dry from this bacteria. It has taken everything from you. And now, in my clinical practice, I started off my patients a month doing these caster oil packs and just nourishing therapy, just to really just nourish their bodies and rebuild their strength so they can fight this. And helping them to get that deep restorative sleep with the castor oil packs, helping them have those incredible bowel movements that really eliminate everything that needs to go out and helps with the shedding of the gut lining so they can create a new gut lining. 

And then of course, helping them to reduce the stress they feel so that they feel better and can really be motivated to continue their therapy. It can improve how they absorb all those minerals, nutrients from their supplementation. It improves the activity of all the probiotics and all the herbal anti-microbials that you’re taking. And then again, just truly improving even antibiotic therapy, like it’s a win-win win, win, win in every direction when you look at caster oil packs for Lyme.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Wow amazing. Well, first off we should have started with this, but I’m gonna end with this. If you need to get ahold of Dr. Marisol, you can email her directly at DR, doctor DR Marisol spelled MARISOl .com. Or you can find her on Instagram and she’s got an amazing Instagram channel @queenofthethrones. It’s a plural Thrones. So QUEEN OF THE THRONES. So you can find her there. And this was so important today what we talked about, I just love your spin on things. You make it simple, you make it complete, and you made it really easy for all of us to understand how important restorative sleep is, how easy it is to get back on track with this, how you can integrate with your system using organic castor oil. And by the way, I muscle tested your caster oil, it’s amazing, it’s so strong. Oh yeah, really. And that’s not easy to find by the way. 

So big kudos there, so you can catch her with all that stuff. And for all of you, there are certain ways that we can self test like for instance, when you have an overgrowth or an imbalance of bacteria, your tongue gets coated. So if you just take a look in the mirror at your tongue, you can see that there’s challenges are having with your GI track. And this isn’t a quick setup. If you got chronic Lyme, it may have taken years before you actually became symptomatic. Usually the younger you are the stronger your immune system. So the longer it may take before you get symptomatic. And so it’s sort of like climbing the toxic mountain. It’s hard to fall up a mountain when you’re climbing a mountain. 

But if you did a fast protocol, as many people are looking for quick responses, it’s super easy to fall down a mountain. And so what we’re talking about is a fairly methodical process. It’s not an overnight process, but you will get a benefit every single time you do this. And that’s what’s important. And the changes that you’re gonna have from a chronic point of view are subtle in some ways. And we like to to keep diaries. Like we keep a, yeah, we keep track day by day of the subtle changes. So then when you look at it, as it all adds up by the end of the month, you may have lowered your pain thresholds. All that tingling may be subsiding. Food sensitivities may start to go away. Your cognitive challenges might change from better night’s sleep, better focused. You’re happier, less frequency of episodes. 

And when you do have an episode, it may not be as strong. That’s what we’re talking about today. And this is really the road to recovery. So, and optimal health. So Marisol, you’re really a gem. I wish you were closer and I can’t wait till you move to Florida, whether it’s the east coast or west coast, because we’ll be seeing a lot more of you. In the meantime, we know how to get ahold of her, drmarisol.com or at her Instagram @queenofthrones channel. It’s amazing, you’re amazing. Thank you for joining us today. You gave us so many great insights and things we can do as soon as today and tomorrow so stay tuned. Thanks again for joining us on The Healthy Hotline. 

Hey everybody, it’s Robby Besner, thanks so much for joining us today. Please share this content with anyone that you think might benefit from it. And we’re looking forward to having you with us tomorrow for another great interview.


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