Modify Your Lifestyle Effectively To Overcome ME/CFS and Long Haul

Eleanor Stein, MD


  • Why lifestyle modification is a biomedical intervention
  • How to achieve restorative sleep to support recovery
  • The special sauce for rewiring the brain for healing
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi everyone, Welcome back to The Long Haul covid and Chronic Fatigue Summit. I am your co-host Dr. Sharon Stills, always an honor and a privilege to be here with you all for this very, very important topic. And today I’m going to be speaking with my new friend and colleague about lifestyle modifications and I’m so glad we’re taking a whole interview to really talk about this because we tend to always want to grab the high tech fancy stuff and you know, I love the high tech fancy stuff, don’t get me wrong, but if we don’t layer that with the foundation of good lifestyle modifications, we’re missing out. And often if you do that foundation and layer with lifestyle modifications, you’ll see you might know not even need the fancy high tech stuff. So it’s really important that when we heal we’re setting the foundation of a healthy home just like we would if we were laying a foundation for a home that we would live in and we certainly live in the homes of our bodies. So I’d like to introduce you today to my guest Dr. Eleanor Stein, who is not only a psychiatrist, a licensed physician, but she also Has been a patient and so she brings to you the experience of both being a patient and going through what you may be going through and also the flip side of treating patients and helping them. 

She was diagnosed on her own in 1989 during her second year of psychiatry residency with chronic fatigue fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, the whole basket. And since Then she was also diagnosed with Lyme disease, Orthostatic intolerance, joint hypermobility and mast cell activation syndrome. And so some of you listening maybe like, oh yeah, I had to, I have that too. So she really gets you because she has been there. So she has devoted her career to learning more so she can help herself and ultimately others. And she struggled for a long time for 27 year. And in 2017 her health improved substantially and she was able to return to activity. She loved and surprisingly, the things she were doing at that time were all low tech things that we’re going to talk about today that you can implement into your life right away, sleep strategies, diet, pacing, neural plasticity to rewire her brain and actively looking for hope. So she is very passionate about teaching these strategies to patients and online participants. And we’re lucky enough to have her here today with us to share and teach all of you so that you can walk away from this conversations with some things that you can implement right away. So welcome Welcome to the Summit. That it’s really great to have you here.

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