Elixir Magic

Jana Danielson


  • Join our Medicine of Mindset Summit host, Jana as she fulfills a childhood dream of hosting her own cooking show. Well, maybe that is a stretch, not so much a cooking show, rather it is 15 minutes of her sharing her magic elixir recipe
  • For the last 2 years, this is how she and her husband have started their mornings and they both feel the healthiest they have ever felt! This elixir is a warm cup of goodness that supports thyroid health, boosts endurance and energy, improves mood and reduces stress. You will love it!
Jana Danielson

Hey everyone. Hi, it’s Jana back with you for another one of these little mini masterclass episodes before another just jam packed day of experts from around the globe at The Medicine of Mindset Summit. So why are we here in my kitchen? Alright, so first of all this is checking the box for a childhood dream of mine that I love to cook and that comes from, I believe that comes from my baba’s. So we are Ukrainian descent. So baba is grandma and my baba’s love to cook and included me whenever they could. One of my baba’s, my baba hoodie was, you knew she was in the zone when she was, you know, pans and pots were like crashing in the kitchen and she was just like that be all over the place. And then my other baba, my Bob Mathias would teach, you know, when do you plant your garden and when do you pull those dandelions always by the phases of the moon. And so the kitchen for me has always been just such a comfortable place and we’re here all week talking about mindset and I wanted to invite you into my kitchen because it is, it’s a sacred happy place for me. 

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