Embrace The Principles Of Universal Design

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  • Learn the fundamental concepts behind Universal Design (UD) tailored specifically for homes, ensuring spaces cater to everyone
  • Identify primary areas within a household that should be prioritized for UD
  • Understand the broader benefits of UD, and address common objections to building accessibly
  • This video is part of The Parkinson’s Solutions Summit
Kenneth Sharlin, MD

Welcome to the Parkinson’s Solutions Summit. I am your host, Dr. Ken Sharlin. I am very excited to introduce the next guest we have for this summit. This is exciting. I am going to ramble just for a moment because if folks watching these medically oriented summits are used to visiting with scientists, physicians, and providers that are in the healthcare field, you are going to hear something a little different today. It is so relevant and so important. I hope we get the maximum number of people watching this interview today. It is in the discussion. My wife, Valerie, this is Austin Miller, and we are going to introduce Austin formally. He knew my wife, Valerie Sharlin, who used to be the Director of a Program for Older Adults. One of the things that Valerie would talk about is that the greatest transfer of wealth in our country occurs when people get older, get sick, and can no longer live in their homes. 

That nest egg that they say they worked hard for all their lives is then spent on a nursing home that, at a minimum, is probably in the range of about $5,000 or $6,000 per month and up. You folk, you do not want to be in if you can help it in those low-end nursing homes; it can be pretty awful. But we are talking about spending your hard-earned money when if you could stay in your own home if you could live in your own home, the cost savings alone, much less the quality of life of being in your own home, would be so much greater, and then there would be less suffering in so many ways. We are going to talk about Universal Design. We are going to talk about Aging In Place. I want to introduce Austin Miller. He is the owner of Wise Built Custom Homes in the Greater Northwest. The Missouri area is located in the city of Nixa, Missouri, and he can build a home for you. Austin Miller, thank you so much for joining us at the Parkinson’s Solutions Summit.

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