EMFs Are Slowing Down Your Recovery!

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  • The toxic inter-relationship between Lyme, Mold and EMFs
  • How do EMFs impact sleep quality and brain detoxification?
  • What you can start doing right away to reduce EMF toxicity
  • Do EMF harmonizing devices actually work?
Thomas Moorcroft, DO

Everybody. It’s Dr. Tom Moorcroft back with you for this episode of The Healing from Lyme Disease Summit. And I am this is such a special treat in this episode. We’re getting to talk to Nick, the EMF guy Pineault. And you know, when I think about EMFs, I just think there’s so much that we don’t know. There’s so much baloney out there, to be frank. And there’s so many different things that people are saying that are scaring us. Yet we know that it’s really critical to our healing to understand these and be had to take certain steps that allow us to really take back control over healing. And just like the whole summit, we’re not only giving you just like this amazing information to learn from and go home with, but things that you can practically do. 

And so this is why I love our opportunity to talk with Nick tonight, is because when I first met him, he was the first person that combined two major things in EMFs for me, and one was the research because I’m a scientist and I want to know what we know, but then how do I practically apply this at home without worrying about like bells and whistles and gadgets? Sometimes they need them, but if I’m going to use them, I want to know which ones to use. But really, what are the things that I can do today at home to protect myself and my family? So, Nick, when we first met, that was like the thing that jumped out at me. So I’m just so privileged and honored to have you here with us and welcome.

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EMFs Are Slowing Down Your Recovery!

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