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EMFs: The Unexpected Player In Gut Health

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  • Discover the surprising role of EMFs in gut conditions
  • Understand how your home environment can hinder gut healing
  • Learn easy and actionable tips to mitigate the effects of EMFs on gut health
  • This video is part of the Reversing Chronic Gut Conditions Summit
Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC

Hi, it’s Sinclair Kennally, your host for, “Reversing Chronic Gut Conditions.” And since it’s day four, and we’re talking about surprising factors in gut conditions, I really wanted to unpack for you EMFs and their role in gut health. So, EMFs are short for electromagnetic fields. And what we’re actually talking about when we’re in regards to EMFs is several different types of electrically driven distress in the body. So, that can be radio frequency, which is often what we mean by EMF – that’s really RF for short. And that can be Wi-Fi, cellphone towers, you know, your smart devices in the home, your cell phones, and then of course, we have dirty electricity, we have body voltage, and we have even lighting in the home, and what that can do to interrupt your own circadian rhythms. All of this is considered EMF distress. So, I wanted to unpack this for you today because this is a core part of what we do in our practice and in our gut courses like Rapid Gut Reset. We talk about resolving mold, resolving toxins, resolving heavy metals. We also talk about EMFs. And I am not a technical person. When I was learning about EMFs, I was super frustrated like, “Oh my God, what do you mean? There’s one more thing I have to learn about.” So, if that’s you, I totally get it and we’re going to make this really easy because there are absolutely two steps you can take today to make life easier for your body and make your gut more resilient. And it doesn’t have anything to do with pills. In fact, the more committed you are to taking simple steps to reduce your EMF stress on your body, the less pills you may have to take over time because your body is able to use the information more effectively. So, let’s dive in. 

Let’s see, where do we want to start? I want to talk to you about RF because that’s all about the Wi-Fi stuff. So, we have really normalized RF very quickly in just the last couple of decades, and it didn’t even really exist in the same way before that. But to do that, I want to make sure that you understand just how many symptoms have been linked to EMF Distress and why this might matter so much to you. So, EMFs have been linked to slower healing, disrupted sleep, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, irritability, brain fog, and background noise, disrupted attention, hyperactivity, memory issues, disproportionate reactions to stressors, weight gain, headaches, fatigue, and lack of stamina, digestion distress, elevated blood sugar, disrupted sleep. We said that fertility and libido issues, rapid aging, and of course, my favorite, parasites. So, one of the couples that one of the things I want to start out by highlighting for you today is actually that there are some really interesting studies on this. Some people think, “Oh, EMFs, that’s edgy, it’s unproven.” Well, see, and there are actually over 14,000 studies that have been done on the detrimental effects of EMFs on your health. So you can look them up on PubMed. They’re right there. This is not edgy stuff. You know, there are a lot of amazing scientists in the field: Dr. Martin Pall, Ian Jarvis. There are just wonderful people that are helping us to demystify this from a scientific perspective. And I’m really not a scientist. I am a clinician, and I’m here to help make this easy for you. So a couple of the studies that I thought would be really interesting to you, just to highlight really quickly, is that can really drive home this concept. One is this amazing one where we discovered that EMFs can actually interfere with both the skin and gut microbiota. So, your gut microbiome causing increased multiplication and/or resistance in certain strains of E. coli. This could have implications for those of you suffering from dysbiosis because mobile phones and smart devices are often held so close to the body, right? And even right up against your gut. So, this is something to consider, right? These little things might be what’s getting overlooked when it comes to reversing your chronic conditions.

And here’s another study that’s actually highlighting something that, when you compare the two of these together, a whole lot starts to make sense. So, another study was done in 2016 that showed two probiotics that have some of the most well-studied microorganisms. That’s lactobacillus, for one, and lacto plantarum are highly susceptible to EMF detrimental effects. So, lactobacillus was actually exposed to radio frequency EMF, and after the exposure, researchers found a significant decrease in their population. The intensity of this effect increased as they upped the radiation’s frequency. So, what does that mean? What that means is the stronger the signal that was getting blasted at the good bacteria, the less of them there were. They were not able to maintain their population. They were under too much distress. Oxidative stress is one mechanism of action that makes that possible because EMFs are so good at generating oxidative stress in your body. And then, if you look on the flip side of that, EMFs can actually encourage pathogenic strains like E. Coli to proliferate faster. So, you can see how quickly things can get out of whack just from hanging out around your cell phone, your laptop, your tablet, you know, your nest, you know, whatever else was in your house. So, I don’t want you to stress about this. I want you to learn about this and go, “Oh, wow, something I overlooked. There’s something I can do about that. Very cool.” 

And we don’t want to talk about like you can move to the woods and live in the dark on leaves. That’s entirely a possibility. I certainly considered that for a period of time. But what I want you to do is make smart choices about this so that you can heal faster, that’s all, and let’s start with the lowest-hanging fruit. So, we always want to consider healing within terms of environmental mitigation, focusing on the sleeping area first. So, I had one client of ours who we knew she had parasites. She checked all the boxes. It was all the science, and it was really driving her chronic gut conditions. She had tried everything because she was getting so frustrated, and she was on some of our favorite antiparasitic, and she hadn’t seen results yet. She was getting worn out. She was tired of it. She’s like, “When can I come off of this? I don’t think I have parasites. I’ve never seen them.” And we convinced her to finally do her EMF readings in her bedroom. She actually had very high body voltage where she was sleeping, and her Wi-Fi router was very close to her bed on the other side of the wall. When she was able to turn the Wi-Fi router off at night and turn off the circuits to her bedroom, suddenly multiple types of EMF distress totally lowered and resolved. And she actually, within 24 hours of turning off her Wi-Fi router and her circuit breakers to her bedroom while she slept (just while she slept), started seeing large gut worms pour out of her, and that continued for six months because her immune system was finally not getting suppressed anymore, and her body was able to have enough energy production and be able to, quote unquote, “see” the parasites in a whole new way and have the energy it needed to kick them out and return to its own state of health. So, it took a few months, but it was finally like the clouds parted for her. The answers were there.

I have to tell you, there are so many stories like this that we have where we inherit clients from other practices. Our students often sound like this when they come into Rapid Gut Reset. “Oh, I’ve tried everything, and no one can figure me out. I’ve been unable to heal my chronic gut conditions.” One of my first questions to them is, “Do you know your body voltage in bed and how much EMF distress is impacting your body where you sleep?” It doesn’t mean that you have to avoid electronics while you’re awake. That would certainly be beneficial in some ways, and I’ll teach you how to do that. That’s actually surprisingly simple to do. But we always want to focus on where you sleep first. I can’t tell you how many times people who have been, quote unquote, “incurable” turned out they were sleeping in 19 volts. Anything over one volt is considered catastrophic to your health by building biologists. Anything over one volt, and they’re sleeping in 19 volts. So yeah, it’s going to be really difficult to heal in that environment.

Alright, you know, one of our clients was considered incurable by other people, and she was actually a practitioner herself. She came to us with similar gut woes, like distress, SIBO, bloating that was just unlivable. She was down to just a few foods. She reacted to everything very weepy, a lot of distortion of emotions. Her family was at wits odds with her, and she was actually sleeping in 12 volts. What she was realizing when she used these meters to go through her house and assess this, which is very easy to do, was that not only was she sleeping in an environment that was absolutely catastrophic to her health, again according to building biologists, but she was so tired she couldn’t make it through the day. And she had found the one area in the house that had the lowest body voltage. It had like half a volt in that. So, she was going and sleeping in her son’s game room in the afternoons to try to recover a little bit. Her body naturally, subconsciously sorted this out. It was desperate for just a little bit of rest without being in such a highly toxic environment. Just make no mistake, EMFs can be considered toxins, and we can absolutely do something about this. And it’s simpler than you think.

So, we always focus on your sleeping area first. And let’s say I just want to make sure that I covered everything else for you today about EMFs. There are a lot of conditions linked to EMFs that are, you know, obviously digestive in nature. And it also just really wants to underscore this – you’re not going to hear this on the evening news. You’re going to have to go digging yourself or we’re going to have to walk you through it in one of our courses because there’s so much profit tied up in doing business as usual.

Now, we have on average over ten smart devices in every home in the U.S. That’s insane. That’s our average. My goodness. And so, we have absolutely created a problem in a very short period of time for us. This might in part explain why chronic gut conditions have just exploded in recent years, right? I know that for me, I didn’t want this to be true because I was so dependent on my little conveniences. When you’re really tired and you don’t feel well, suddenly, it sounds necessary to be able to tell Alexa to turn on the lights or turn on the music, or lower the volume when you would be able to do those things. No problem for yourself without thinking before, right?

So in this way, we get dependent on these conveniences, and actually, the best thing for us to do is to unhook from them so that our body can go back to managing its own energy. Just a few mechanisms of distress to consider as you listen to the other experts today: EMFs are not just distorting your gut microbiome and encouraging the proliferation of pathogenic species while killing off beneficial species. They are also contributing to oxidative stress, and they create cumulative DNA damage. They’ve been proven to raise your heart rate, raise your blood sugar, disrupt your gut barrier, and disrupt your blood-brain barrier. They’ve even been shown to increase your histamine load by as much as ten times. This is significant for those of you who are histamine-sensitive, have mast cell issues, or are simply struggling with that chronic gut condition still.

So, I just invite you to consider this and how many solutions are actually lurking in your own home. How simple it might be if you just gave your body a little more space from a smart device or turned it off when you’re not using it. How many times are you really using that smart printer that’s sitting on your desk and blasting you all day long? Is it once or twice a month? If so, you could turn it off, and you can even unplug it. That would give your body so much cumulative relief. Over time, you may not notice anything at first, but if you find a few of those and you do that consistently, what becomes possible for you? The question must be asked.

And you’re right, there’s not a lot of money in telling you to turn things off. So, we have to use some common sense around that, too. You’re going to be the one that takes control of your own health journey, and I just invite you to get curious about how EMFs are impacting your health, and above all, to review your sleeping area first. Because you never know what’s going to be the difference that makes a difference for you. All right, let’s dive into today’s content together.

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