Emotional Intelligence

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  • We are familiar with IQ, yet, are you familiar with your EQ?
  • Our emotional intelligence is all about acknowledging and feeling our emotions, it is also about our abiliity to use simple strategies for emotional management
  • Kristi will share how can we learn to express emotions in healthy ways
Mental Health, Mind, Mindset
Jana Danielson

Well, welcome back everyone. I hope that you took my advice after our last amazing speaker and maybe got some water move your body a little bit, went to the bathroom and got refreshed so that you can have a clear heart and clear mind for our next speaker whose beauty is gracing the medicine and mindset summit virtual stage. And I get to introduce her as not only the amazing CEO and entrepreneur and thought leader and impact driven woman that she is, but I also get to introduce her as my friend, which just brings me so much joy. So Kristi Holt is the CEO of vibe onyx. So let me tell you like she’s a smart cookie alright. This by bionics is an api platform that quantifies wellness using voice analysis, ai like yeah, all right. In an age of various new ways to measure well being and we know there’s lots of, you know, apps in different ways we can track on our watch. She has developed a product that is unique to the market in measuring vocal frequency as an insight into emotion seriously and I use it and it’s really, really good. She’s also the founder of the Mecca project, which is a nonprofit foundation on a mission to raise the vibe of humanity, Christie deserves everyone believes to or everyone should be able to thrive. Believe they can thrive and like I said, she’s also besides all of this, she’s an amazing mom to four kids and an amazing wife to her husband Ryan and she’s just someone that when our paths cross and we both let our little which she sides out, we were like yes her, I want to be her friend. And so when I invited her to the summit, she said yes and I’m so grateful that she did so Kristi welcome to the virtual medicine of mindset stage.

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