Emotions, Energy And Healing

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  • How I healed myself from 30+ years of chronic fatigue syndrome, brain fog, and global anxiety
  • How emotional issues and past traumas are stored in the body and affect our energy flow
  • Understanding the Porges Polyvagal model and clinically regional referral practice for chronic pain
  • Pitfalls with energy healing and the tendency to want to do too much, too fast
Tom McCarthy

My next guest is somebody that I’ve been excited to interview and, and it took a couple, actually a couple of years, I think when I first contacted you and you were coming out of being a doctor treating COVID patients and weren’t really in the right space to do this interview at that time. And thank goodness, we’ve got you here. And our guest is Dr. Eric Robins. He’s an MD at a major medical center and he’s a urologist by training. He went to Baylor Medical College, University of Texas undergrad. Those two are rivals I think. Are they playing today or something like that? I think. Yeah. But so from Texas is background in college and then medical school. And the way I first heard about Eric and we were talking about this earlier was back in 2015 I had chronic fatigue. And one of the things that I learned how to do was something called pranic healing. And Eric was somebody that came up in conversations around that because he was an MD who had learned pranic healing and so many more other energy healing techniques. But he had co written a book with the founder of Pranic Healing. I just thought that was so cool and just in our conversations here, he’s actually in this major medical center doing energy healing as well as the standard of care for the types of things he’s treating. But I think that’s just so amazing that he’s combining the two. So Eric, it’s so good to have you here. Thanks for being, on with us.

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