Empowered Healing Through Intentional Ritual

Caitlin Thompson


  • The story of Kambo, a secretion that comes from a Tree Frog is the focus of this conversation
  • Learn more about this naturally occurring medicine from Mother Nature’s Pharmacy and hear Caitlin’s experience in how it was an important part of her healing jounrey from Lyme Disease
Jana Danielson

Hey everyone, welcome back to The Medicine of Mindset Summit. It’s Jana back here with you for another amazing conversation and our special guest in this episode is Caitlin Thompson. Let me tell you a little bit about Caitlin. She’s a smart cookie, she’s a neurobiologist and active combo practitioner. We’re going to learn more about that. She’s an advocate and an educator. She is also an independent researcher and currently conducting the first human combo studies Caitlin’s personal journey, which I find that on this week’s medicine and Mindset summit, every single person is doing what they love because of something that happened in their life that put them onto this pathway. And Caitlin is just exactly like that. She lived with chronic illnesses that encompassed Lyme disease and other autoimmune symptoms and it really was this that led her down an integrated path of anthropogenic medicine and science and marrying these two passions to bridge the gap. Her previous work focuses on psychedelics and I’d like to get into that a little bit as a novel approach to autoimmune conditions and the microbiome effects of Ayurveda curbs. So we have lots to unpack here with this lovely human being. So Caitlin, thank you so much for joining us today.

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