Shifting Your Energy To Attract Wealth & Abundance​

Andrew DeGregorio


  • Where do your beliefs about money come from and how can you shift them?
  • What holds people back from becoming wealthy?
  • How can you shift your energy to attract wealth and abundance with ease?
  • Practical steps to shift your financial reality.
  • Becoming aware of your stories around spending, saving, investing, and donating money.
Jason Prall

Well, I am very excited to welcome my next guest. He’s a friend, he’s a mentor. And he is an energetic coach, a spiritual counselor, an enlightenment coach, and he’s been an amazing coach for me. And today what we’re gonna be talking about is the energetics of money. And this is I think a very important topic because when we think about money, most people don’t think about the energetics and what they need to do or where their energy is with regard to money. Even though this is a topic that really has a huge energetic charge for pretty much all of us. So Andrew, thank you for joining me. Welcome.

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