Healing Emotional Traumas with EVOX Technology

Liliana Partida



As important as it is to treat and heal the physical body, it is equally important to help patients to get in touch with emotional trauma or psycho-emotional conflicts. Mind-body healing takes place with interventions such as psychotherapy, hypnosis, and biofeedback training through EVOX – which is what we offer at the Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing. EVOX is an integrative approach that accounts for physical as well as emotional health.

Nathan Crane 

Hello everybody, I’m Nathan Crane. I’m your host for the Global Cancer Symposium 2.0, very honored that you’re joining us here for another great interview at the Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, California. Today, we are joined by Liliana Partida, who is a clinical nutritionist here at the Cancer Center for Healing. And you have incredible specialty in helping cancer patients dive into the emotional healing aspect of their lives. And so first, thank you for joining us, and I’m really excited to get into this topic with you because what I’ve been hearing and learning more and more about this technology that you use to help identify traumatic experiences in people’s lives sounds really fascinating and incredibly helpful for anybody dealing with cancer. 

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