Exercise and Blood Flow to the Brain

Heather Sandison, ND


  • The 4 critical types of exercise for reversing dementia.
  • Why walking isn’t enough.
  • Creating a safe, effective movement routine. 
Heather Sandison, N.D.

I hope you’ve enjoyed day five of the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit as much as I did. There was so much great information today. And I wanna share a little bit more about what we do at Marama to facilitate brain stimulating activities, and in particular, exercise. I’m gonna share with you the four different types of exercise that are critical for getting brain health through blood flow, and also all of the other amazing benefits of regular vigorous physical activity. So, first of all, I wanna say walking is not enough. I’m always excited when my patients tell me they walk, they’ve got a dog, they take their dog out for a walk a couple times a day, but it’s just not gonna be enough to reverse the pathophysiological changes that are happening in the brain. So what I’m sharing with you right now is part of our Marama at Home Caregiver Training Course. So we know that it’s caregiving is such a hard job. And at Marama we have created an immersive experience in this protocol developed by Dr. Bredesen, that we know reverses cognitive decline. What I wanna do, because we frankly don’t have enough beds at Marama, we don’t have enough space for everyone who could benefit. And also, I know how important it is to keep our loved ones at home, in the fabric of their family, their community, their work, their lives, rather than moving to a place full of strangers. So, to meet that end, I have developed this Marama at Home Caregiver Training Course. 

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