Dr. Gerber’s Personal Experience with Lyme Disease Toxic Emotions & Stress

Lowell I. Gerber, M.D.


  • Dr. Gerber’s personal experience with Lyme disease.
  • Toxic emotions & stress and their effects on the heart, lowering your toxic burden & how to do that.
  • The benefits of ocean water, phosphatidylcholine, and restoring your cell membranes
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody. It’s Robby Besner, co-founder and device developer for Therasage, and we’re back with another episode, part of our amazing Lyme series. And today, I have a super special guest and a dear friend that’s gonna talk to us about things that people don’t really know about Lyme disease. His name is Dr. Lowell Gerber, and he’s a practitioner, an MD, a cardiologist. He looks at the world through a different headset. You can reach him a couple of ways, actually. He’s got a cool website that’s called fixingmytoxicheart.com all spelled out, or you can email him at LGerber, G-E-R-B-E-R @bihmd.com. So it’s pretty easy to find him, and he’s approachable. And so let’s welcome Dr. Lowell Gerber to the Healthy Hotline. How are you today, Lowell?

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