Fascia Decompression – The Missing Link in Self-Care

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  • The role of fascia to our overall health, and how gravity drives the development of adhesions causing pain, aging and disease.
  • How diaphragmatic breathing can feed the body up to 6 times the oxygen.
  • How scar tissue and adhesion block flow to cells, and how Block Therapy melts them.
  • Why posture is so important in our overall health and well-being.
  • How fascia compression and ballooning are major factors to consider to manage a healthy size and shape.
Tom McCarthy

I am really excited to have this next guest and I’m just learning more and more about her. She was a referral from Dr. Eric Robbins. Who’s a surgeon medical doctor and he was just singing her praises. Eric Robbins also is a healer. He’s a pranic healer but he loves this next lady’s work. And the more I’m finding about it too, I wanna take part in it. Her name is Deanna Hansen and she’s had a really amazing journey. If you go on her website, which is called block therapy, you can watch a video where she talks about it. It even shows pictures. She was an athletic young lady who then went through a phase where she didn’t like what was happening. And with her body, with her mind, she was struggling. And even though she had a successful practice, a massage therapist, deep work, working with athletes, which she’d been trained to do, she was struggling. 

And then all of a sudden she had an awakening and we’ll get into that in just a little bit, but she learned how to work with her body not just with the physical body but with the mental part of the body and how the two are both connected. And so the journey allowed her to have the ideal body. I mean, look at pictures of her now, you’d be very, very impressed. She’s just an amazing lady, but she helped so many other people. And it’s all about getting into the fascia, the deepest parts of the body, where energy is stored, where trauma’s stored and getting that out. And when you do that, how the body awakens and how the mind awakens. So Deanna I am just so thrilled to have you here. Thank you so much for being part of the Global Energy Healing Summit.

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Diclehan Evirgen
Diclehan Evirgen
5 months ago

Wonderful, priceless knowledge….
Couldn’t find the book as pdf???

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