Separating Fact From Fiction With EMFS: Do Cell Phones, Wifi and 5G Cause Cancer? And How To Protect Ourselves

Lloyd Burrell


  • The science behind cell phones, wifi, electricity and cancer
  • The scientific evidence about the 3 Types of EMFs and cancer Separating fact from fiction around 5G
  • The Blood Brain Barrier and it’s role in protection and assimilation
  • How to protect ourselves from excessive EMF Exposure
Nathan Crane 

Hello everybody. Welcome to the Global Cancer Symposium. 2.0, I’m your host, Nathan Crane. I’m the award-winning filmmaker of cancer the Integrative Perspective, as well as the director of The Health and Healing Club. And today we’re talking with Lloyd Burrell about EMF protection, cancer and how we can protect ourselves. Lloyd Burrell is on a mission to raise awareness about the dangerous of electromagnetic fields from cell phones and similar devices and really he’s here to share solutions with all of us, right? You probably are tuning into this interview because you have some knowledge or understanding that EMFs can have some potential negative consequences for your health. And if you’re like me and many others who are part of the symposium you’re interested in everything you can do to optimize your health and your body’s ability to heal itself.

And that’s what we need to do, right? We need to get rid of all the things that are contributing to chronic disease like cancer, and then implement and nourish ourselves with the things that help us heal. So this is gonna be a really important valuable interview. I’m gonna share some really practical things that you can do to help protect yourself against you know the potential dangers of EMF and excessive EMF exposure. So Lloyd is the founder of the website He is the creator of the Healing With Vibration Summit as well as the EMF Health Summit which introduced EMFs to an audience of over 200,000 people. He’s a regular speaker at international online events, podcasts, radio shows and host is owned by monthly EMF health podcast, is the author of two eBooks on EMF. And his latest book is called “EMF Practical Guide.” You can go learn more about all of his great resources at Lloyd, brother, thank you so much for joining us. 

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