Find The Liver Stressors Causing Your Gut Discomfort

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  • Discover the link between a sluggish liver and gut dysbiosis
  • Understand how liver stagnation and gallstones can drive gut distress
  • Learn actionable steps to address liver stressors and promote gut comfort
  • This video is part of the Reversing Chronic Gut Conditions Summit
Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC

Welcome back to “Reversing Chronic Gut Conditions.” I’m your host, Sinclair Kennally. And today, we are diving into Day 2, just a super important theme that I want to unpack with you. So, we’ve gathered some of the best experts in the space to help you understand your gut bugs, your digestion, and your immune system. How do all of these issues fit together? What do all of these factors do to affect one another? And how do they drive your digestive conditions? What do you need to know about your digestive system in order to take control over it? And in order to do that, in order for all this to make sense, I really want to delve into a foundational layer of understanding together about something that often gets overlooked in digestive health, and that is the health of your liver and your gallbladder. It’s no secret that I’m often known as the liver lady in the functional medicine space and on functional medicine stages, and I’m happy to share some of these insights because they were so key for my health. Overlooking liver efficiency and liver stagnation and listening to that super old trope in medicine, “Liver is fine. It’s super resilient. It already detoxes. You don’t need to help it.” That actually added several years of suffering to my health journey that I don’t think needed to be there. So, I’m really passionate about you understanding this piece. We’re going to talk just briefly today about liver congestion and gallstones and gallbladder congestion and what they have to do with your digestive issues. So, we often think about, you know, your beautiful digestive tract as a tube, right? That’s what everybody says. It’s a tube. It’s the inside skin for your body where it’s deciding what gets to come in, what has to stay out and exit, and all that’s true.

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