Finding Your Optimal Self Through Qigong

Tevia Feng


  • What neuro scientist have to say about Qigong
  • How to learn how to meditate on day 1
  • How chronic diseases can be reversed using Qigong
Kashif Khan

Hello, everyone, welcome back. Really exciting talk today. You’ll notice as we go through this, that our guest is off camera, which speaks to all of what we’re gonna dive into. It’s a Taoist principle in teaching, and we’re gonna dive into the why. So Tevia Feng is gonna talk to us today about qigong that inner energy, something that we kind of think you know about it. We hear it in different terms. You hear about it kind of like as energy as this, as bark as some people call it, this connection we have, what is it, how do you access it and how does it heal and make you a better person? There’s no better person to talk to than Tevia. Tevia, thanks for joining us today.


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