FLCCC And Long Haul Management

Dr. Pierre Kory


  • Therapy suggestions for spike protein
  • How he found Ivermectin and the early results
  • The use of blood thinners and anti-cogulation therapies
Eric Gordon, MD

Okay, so welcome. Today on this edition of long C0V!D and chronic fatigue, we are going to talk to Pierre. Dr. Pierre Kory. Dr. Kory is just one of the, I think one of the heroes of C0V!D. He’s a gentleman, a doctor who has pursued what works for his patients, you know, has really thought things through um done the kind of medicine that if you’ve been listening to this series that I really believe we have to someday return to. But on that note, Dr. Kory a pleasure to have you. And so I really would like you to outline a little of your story because, you know, people who have heard of you, which is probably most of our listeners. You know, there’s two camps, the ones that, you know, who feel like I do that you’ve really brought us forward. And then there’s the people who um you know, probably feel that you’re out there with, you know, like sort of belong in the sale and which trials, you know, so 

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FLCCC And Long Haul Management

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