Personal Spiritual Awakening and Transition from Corporate to Eden Method

Jeffrey McDonnell


  • Loving yourself and your business right where you are.
  • Leading from grace and the gift of embracing elements in your life you view as challenging (your personal demons)
  • The importance of building a change culture in yourself and organization.
  • The power of organizational momentum.
  • 3 Daily Energy Healing practices that will consciously shape your business.
Tom McCarthy 

If you have a business or you’re thinking about starting a business, you’re going to love this next guest. He is a business person extraordinaire and it’s interesting what you’re gonna learn about how he does it. But after a 26 year career with a technology company where he was a leader in the company, a manager in the company, he decided to leave. And it came from… He had a very in sync experience, which he’s gonna talk to you about a little bit later. It came from something that happened to him that really created a shift in his life. And thank goodness he landed in a beautiful place. He landed by helping Donna Eden and David Feinstein’s company. They were guests on our Summit. I was just telling him, they were one of my favorite guests, so I hope you watched that interview. Jeffrey McDonnell is our next guest. 

And he’s gonna talk about how to use energy and energy healing in your business. And I’m a huge believer in this. I know the impact it can have. He did it with Donna and David’s business. When he came in to take over the management and the running and the marketing of the business, it had some potential, but it hadn’t gotten anywhere close to where it is now as the leading energy, healing, educational company on the planet. And a lot of that is due to this man’s incredible work. So, we’re gonna dive into that in just a minute. One last thing too, I do wanna just talk about is, he’s such a devoted husband, father and even grandfather. Even though he’s a little bit younger than me, he’s got a little granddaughter and I’ve got a chance to meet his wife, just a lovely, lovely lady and that’s something that he always talks about right up front is his family. So, I love that about you Jeffrey. Thank you so much for being part of our Summit.

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