How to Help Our Furry Friends Heal from Cancer & Autoimmune Disease & Live Years Longer (Post Pandemic)

Marlene Siegel, DVM



Why cancer is the #1 disease in both dogs and cats.
The incredible story of why Dr. Seigel transitioned from a traditional vet to an integrative vet.
The top 3 diseases our dogs and cats face today, and the shocking causes of these disease.
The biggest shift in our relationships with our furry friends.
The #1 cause of the rise in chronic disease in cats and dogs.
The healthiest diet for dogs vs the healthiest diet for cats.
The 6 steps to help our furry friends overcome cancer and autoimmune disease.
The essential nutrients dogs and cats need to stay healthy.

Nathan Crane 

Hey it’s Nathan Crane, Director of the Health and Healing Club and host of the Conquering Cancer Summit. And today I am honored and excited to welcome you to a very special interview, Dr. Marlene Siegel, DVM is an international speaker and an innovator in Integrative Veterinary Medicine, her practice Pasco Veterinary Medical Center offers a widest array of alternative therapies and detoxification services in the country. She developed her own rough raw pet food company and supplements, which is She’s passionate about education has online programs for pet parents and veterinarians to teach integrated vet medicine, and has detox centers are launching as paws family wellness in 2021 detox centers for pets and their parents. You can learn more about all the great work that she does and connect to all her different resources at doctor as Dr, Dr. Siegel, thank you so much for joining us. 

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How to Help Our Furry Friends Heal from Cancer & Autoimmune Disease & Live Years Longer (Post Pandemic)

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