Healing Your Brain by Getting Off Your Sugar

Daryl Gioffre


Patrick K. Porter, PhD

Hello and welcome back to the Reversing Alzheimer’s Summit. I’m your host, Dr. Patrick Porter. I’m here with a very good friend, someone who’s been helping me actually every morning and every night. He’s gonna describe what that’s all about, because when I went to see him in his office in New York, I was shocked to find out that I actually had some issues. Believe it or not, we had things going on. I have high inflammation, I know I take a lot of vitamin C to keep that down. And I was having troubles. 

He did some tests with me and it blew me away. And then I started reading his books, he’s gonna talk about those. We’re gonna get into detail with that, but you might’ve seen him even on television. He’s been on the Kelly Ripa Show, in a lot of different shows in the morning. He’s based out of New York, as well as Newport Beach, California. I’m talking about here is Dr. Daryl Gioffre. Dr. Daryl, hey, thanks for being on this summit.

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