Grounding – Optimal Health

Stephen Sinatra, M.D.


  • Understand how important it is to be connected to nature and to be grounded in order for you to heal.
  • Make sure you stay tuned until the end when the speaker reveals the protocol that you will use and pass on to your kids
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody. Welcome back to another amazing interview with the Naturally Healing from Lyme Summit. I have a dear friend. It turns out that we were in the same high school together. We grew up in the same town. We’ve been sort of colleagues, but I’m not certainly in Dr. Sinatra’s league, by any means, for years now. I wanna introduce Dr. Stephen Sinatra. It turns out that he actually is from and lives, has a residency in Connecticut, like, ground zero for Lyme and has had his own experience, personal experience with Lyme, before it was even kind of, you know, we’re going back 25, 30 years ago, when Lyme really wasn’t on the radar. 

Dr. Sinatra has written probably 20 books. He is a keynote professional speaker and well sought after. He is credentialed up the yin-yang. I took a look at his website. His CV goes on and on with different things that he has done in his lifetime. It’s truly, truly amazing, that you’ve amassed this body of work in such a short time on Earth. 

Dr. Sinatra, welcome to the summit, and give us your special secret sauce. You know, the Lyme patients that are gonna be watching and other practitioners, people that are viewing the summit, they could be someone that’s bedridden and really symptomatic, or someone that’s highly functional trying to just maintain their balance and maintain their strength and their health. And so, being a well-seasoned integrative functional doctor, and for the people that are just tuning in, that means that Dr. Sinatra, even though he’s traditionally trained as an MD and an allopath, he recruits all kinds of different therapies to create an end result, to actually heal and fix the patients. And that’s an unusual quality that’s not well-served by the allopathic MD community. So, Dr. Sinatra, welcome to the summit. Thank you for joining us today.

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