Growing Younger Using Stem Cells & Other Scientific Breakthroughs

Ross Carter, BSDC


  • How to use genetic & epigenetic testing to create longevity programs
  • What are the common myths about aging
  • 10 ways to slow and even reverse the aging process
Kashif Khan

So we are now joined by Dr. Ross Carter, BSDC, and we’re gonna learn, well, two big things. And these two things are so related that we have to speak of them together, but it’s hard to find someone that can speak about both intelligently like Dr. Ross Carter, BSDC can. So, we’re lucky to have him here today. And what we’re talking about is aging, slowing it down, anti-aging, all this sort of buzzword you hear about. But what does it actually mean? What does it do? And then stem cell therapy, because they’re so intertwined. And the really cool


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