Heal The Root Of Any Issue – In Minutes

Alex Loyd


  • How/Why trauma memories are developed at a young age.
  • How/Why memories cause stress and fill up our “stress barrel” and how do we get sick from this stress (weak link theory).
  • Why willpower and addressing symptoms doesn’t work to heal these memories.
  • What do you need to heal to heal the source of these health issues. –
  • Why the tools we use work to effectively heal the source.
Tom McCarthy

I’m so excited to have our next guest on. I’ve been looking forward to this interview for several days, Alex. Our next guest is Dr. Alexander Loyd and I was actually introduced to him by a mutual friend, someone we both know and love, and she told me check out his work because it’s really, really powerful. And so I did, I bought the book, “The Healing Code.” I’d like to show it, but I buy my books on Kindle now. So it’s on my Kindle, I guess I don’t have anything to hold out, but I devoured that book and absolutely loved it and began using the healing code process. And I’ve done so many things over the past 30 years. I know lots of different methodologies. This was really unique. And I love the explanations that all of you are gonna be able to hear from Dr. Alex, as we get going just a minute about the impact of stress on the immune system, why we get sick memories and the impact they have on us, old memories that consciously we may have even forgotten, but there’s still sometimes dragging us down a little bit. The healing code works with really not eliminating because you can maybe still remember them, but the impact they have can go away and you’ve got the power to heal yourself by using these healing codes. So I am just so thrilled that Dr. Alex is a luminary in the energy healing world. He’s been on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, PBS, I don’t know if there’s any other networks out there, but if there are, you’ll probably be on some time, oprah.com, “USA Today Time,” “People Magazine.” So many people have used the healing codes to heal themselves, to heal themselves, not to have to go to somebody else, but to heal themselves. And so I am just so happy and fortunate that we got Dr. Alexander Loyd to be on our global energy healing summit. Dr. Alex, thank you so much for being with us today.

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