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Tevia Feng Will Teach You About Qigong

  • How Qigong helps heal the body, mind, and spirit
  • Why Qigong is healing, the research behind it, and how Qigong is connected to neuroscience
  • How to begin your own Qigong journey at home using free resources

The Benefits of Qigong to Your Health

  1. Support of mitochondrial health
  2. The healing of many health problems, including chronic pain and inflammation
  3. Anxiety relief through stimulation of the vagus nerve


In this episode of the Restore Your Mitochondrial Matrix summit, Tevia Feng discusses the practice of Qigong and how it intersects with mitochondrial health, neuroscience, and overall healing. Feng is the master instructor at White Tiger Qigong. Tevia Feng practices Daoist Qigong, where it is believed that the body is intrinsically connected to the spirit. Feng began practicing Qigong at an early age due to being born with a chronic illness. In later years, after suffering pain from a car accident, Feng was able to reduce chronic pain in his spine. He decided to make Qigong his life’s work after working in a Qigong clinic treating cancer patients and those with intense illnesses. You can learn more about Qigong at whitetigerqigong.com or at the White Tiger Qigong channel on YouTube.  

Practical Steps to Begin Qigong at Home

Although it is helpful to practice Qigong with a master, it can be practiced at home. One way is to simply connect with nature. Tevia Feng recommends connecting to the ground by standing on the earth with bare feet. Free tutorials on Qigong, along with more information and events, can be found at whitetigerqigong.com.


In this Dr. Talk, Tevia Feng discussed the science of Qigong and how it can heal chronic health issues. From having a chronic illness to being the victim of a car crash, Feng has found healing physically and spiritually through Qigong. Tevia Feng is now the master instructor of White Tiger Qigong and has studied with some of the most prolific Qigong masters in the world. Read more about Tevia Feng and the practice of Qigong at whitetigerqigong.com.

Laura Frontiero, FNP-BC

Welcome back to another episode of The Restore Your Mitochondrial Matrix Summit. I’m your host, Laura Frontiero. I’m bringing you experts to help you boost your energy and fix your health so you can build the life you love. And today, I have a very unique guest for our summit. My guest is Tevia Feng. Hey Tevia, Welcome to the summit.


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