The Role Of Diet When Healing From Lyme & Mold

Erika Schlick Sinclair


  • Foods that can be healing or detrimental in Lyme and Mold/Mycotoxin Illness
  • Steps/tools in finding the ideal diet
  • Diet and lifestyle once in remission from Lyme/Mold/Mycotoxin illness
Nafysa Parpia, N.D. 

Welcome to this episode of the Mycotoxin and Chronic Illness Summit. I’m so excited to have Erika Schlick with me today. She’s an IIN certified health coach, cookbook author of “Wandering Palate”, and health blogger. She began her trail to health in 2012, after becoming chronically ill with Lyme disease, mold, heavy metals and multiple autoimmune conditions. What followed was a five-year journey toward remission through various treatments, including stem cell therapy and lifestyle and dietary changes. Once a licensed architect, Erika found her calling and passion in helping others heal from chronic illness and autoimmune diseases. She shares her journey and tips for healthy living on her blog, The Trail to Health. 

Erika lives in Venice, California and enjoys cooking, spending time with her fiance, two French bulldogs and traveling the world. A little bit about her blog, The Trail to Health. The Trail to Health is a place of health and healing through healthy living and clean eating. It’s a resource full of answers, recommendations, and information about all things health. She is the author and she shares her delicious and simple paleo and gluten-free recipes as well as healing strategies for autoimmune diseases, Lyme and chronic illness recovery, as well as the latest health trends. It is a trusted resource for readers looking to stay healthy and happy on their very own trail to health. Erika works with coaching clients privately, but you can learn more about her services and offerings on her website, Erika, I’m so excited to have you here-

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The Role Of Diet When Healing From Lyme & Mold

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