Healthy Living with Hydrogen

Paul Barattiero, ND


  • How Hydrogen can help with menopause
  • How Hydrogen can increase energy
  • How Hydrogen can help with oxidative stress and inflammation
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hello, hello, hello, I’m back. It’s Dr. Sharon Stills, your host of Mastering the Menopause Transition Summit. And I have really worked hard to cultivate all different types of speakers for you to really get that mind shift going that health is hormones, but so much more than hormones and that we can balance our hormones. But if we don’t pay attention to what we’re drinking and eating and thinking, and doing, and moving and all those other things, then the hormones aren’t gonna have the effect we want them to have. And so today, I’m super, super excited because one of the things that I am obsessed with is water and hydration. And today I’ve got an expert for you, Dr. Oh, I didn’t ask him how to say his name. Baratatero, how’d I do?


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