Lessons From A High Risk Lawyer​

Scott Rattigan


Cheng-Huai Ruan, M.D.

You know, there’s nothing makes me more nervous than talking to a lawyer, but in this case, I welcome him. So, Scott Wright, again, is the founder of The Functional Lawyer. Actually, he is The Functional Lawyer, and the co-founder of Origins Incubator. He’s a licensed healthcare attorney, and the co-founder of a functional medicine practice with his wife, Linda Adio, and Scott helps investigate functional medicine providers establish solid business, and legal strategies, and plans, and structures so that they can have access to all the things that they truly need to decrease the risks of practicing medicine, being on social media websites, and et cetera. 

Scott’s a nationally recognized speaker, author, attorney, and business consultant for integrative health practices. So the reason I have him on is because those of us in integrative health tend to take on a lot of different challenges that’s not traditional. So, if anybody knows about risks, it’s Scott. So, no matter if you’re an integrative health professional, or any other type of medical professional, you got to listen to this. This is something that’s truly crucial, and probably one of the most important things that you can possibly learn in practicing medicine to keep you and your family safe. All right, Scott, welcome to the summit! So happy to have you here.

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