Spa Day for Your Heart: How Far Infrared Saunas Can Reverse Heart Disease

Connie Zack


  • Modern infrared saunas can deliver the full spectrum of near, mid, and far infrared energies for maximal healing therapy
  • Decades of basic and human research in Japan and other centers have demonstrated healing of arterial disease, lowering of blood pressure, and improvements in congestive heart failure and other cardiac conditions
  • The safety of infrared sauna, including EMF wavelengths, is very high and can be third party tested to be as low as possible
Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Well, hello everybody. Welcome back. It is Reverse Heart Disease Naturally Summit. Exciting time. A topic you want to know about, so buckle up, sit down, or maybe you’re on your treadmill desk, and you know that I do that. And let’s really go deep on a therapy of heart disease. I think we can even say there’s reason to believe it reverses heart disease. It’s called infrared sauna. And we didn’t just get anybody to talk about it. There are a lot of great people that could. We got the person, Connie Zack, coming to us from Kansas City, Missouri. An absolutely lovely town, her hometown, and corporate headquarters of And we’ll talk about why that is such an amazing company now in I think 13 countries providing high quality. But welcome Connie. Welcome.

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