How Genes Affect Mold Detoxification

Kashif Khan


  • How your genes affect how mold affects each individual.
  • Three genes that impact glutathione detox.
  • Which genes affect mycotoxin breakdown.
Eric D. Gordon, M.D.

Welcome. Good afternoon and glad to have you all with us again, for another edition of Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness 2.0. Today it’s my pleasure to have Kashif Khan who is CEO of the DNA Company. And he’s gonna talk to us about how to use the information we can glean from looking at our DNA to help make a more, I’d say, stepwise and appropriate response to chronic illness. So just welcome Kashif and so tell me first off is just, you told me that when we were talking that you’re not a doctor or not a scientist, but this is your passion. So how did you wind up here?


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How Genes Affect Mold Detoxification

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