How Healthy are Your Cells? Understanding Metabolic Health

Sachin Patel


  • How do you know if you are metabolically healthy?
  • What Sachin learned after reviving the metabolic health of 1000s of patients
  • 3 things you can do right now to improve your cellular health
Kashif Khan

So today we’re talking to someone about something that’s dear to all of us. We currently, in fact, I’ll tell you, last night I was scrolling through TikTok, which I recently started doing as a bad habit. And there was an ICU doctor who deals with COVID emergencies right now. And the thing that he said on there was, “The vast majority,” and these are his words, he said, “The vast majority of people that are in the ICU are metabolically unhealthy.” This are the words of the ICU doctor, he said, “They either have diabetes, they’re obese, hypertension, blood pressure issues, but metabolically, they’re already sick.” And that’s the thing that he said that we need to deal with, which we heard from the first time, last night on TikTok. But other people have been saying that for quite a while. And with us we have today Sachin Patel, who I couldn’t think of a better person to talk to about metabolic health than you and thank you for coming.


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