How is Breast Cancer Treated?

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Jennifer Simmons, MD

Hi there. Welcome back to the Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit. I’m Dr. Jenn, your host and I want to talk today about breast cancer treatment in conventional medicine. The way that breast cancer is treated is very standardized. You have X, you get Y, but no two people are alike. No two people’s Y’s are alike and no two breast cancers are alike. And so I invite you to indulge me a little bit. And let’s talk about how breast cancer should be treated, because after having spent nearly 20 years as a breast cancer surgeon, it wasn’t until I had my own diagnosis that I realized that everyone’s story is different, everyone’s Y is different. And so we need to take all of that into consideration when we design breast cancer treatment protocols. And so I want you to first think about when was the last time you were well. When was the last time you felt good? When was the last time you weren’t taking any medications? When was the last time you didn’t carry any diagnoses? So many people come to me and they say I’m healthy but I have breast cancer. Well, that’s a big but. Breast cancer is an indication that there is some imbalance in the body. Breast cancer is a normal response to an abnormal environment and what everyone needs to ask themselves is where is that abnormality coming from? 

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4 months ago

What a great introduction!

Thank you for mentioning the thyroid connection! When I was diagnosed with BC I knew my thyroid was out of wack, but even an endocrinologist blew me off, saying I was just old! (60yo)

My labs were fine (but my hair falling out, low 97.2F body temp, weight gain, exhaustion etc said otherwise). I KNEW I was in trouble.

Taking things into my own hands I found articles RE nutritional thyroid support. Because designer salt is so popular We’re no longer eating common iodized salt. BUT iodine requires selenium for processing & absorbing. So I found a supplement with everything all in one pill.

OMG! So happy to have found something that made sense & might help! Being cautious I only took half of what the label said. It’s taken me 1.5 years at that speed, but my temp has returned to 98.6F & the other symptoms have improved too (tho hair is still thin).

I’m sure this is positively impacting my BC too, but there are no tests to confirm my suspicions.

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