How Leptin Resistance Impacts Menopause?

Dr. Bindiya Gandhi


  • What is leptin?
  • Why we need to pay attention to leptin
  • Why starving ourselves isn’t the answer
Dr. Sharon Stills

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to Mastering the Meno(Pause) summit. I am– the Mastering the Meno(Pause) transition summit. We have had lots of transitions here this morning. We’ve been having lots of tech issues, but we have worked it out and we’re gonna have a powerhouse half hour with my guest, Dr. Bindiya Gandhi. We are gonna talk about everything leptin. She’s a double-boarded by the American Board Family Medicine physician, as well as the American Board of Integrative and Holistic physician. She’s a leading expert on leptin. And you might be thinking, “What is leptin?” It’s something you need to know about, so I’m glad you’re here. And we are gonna dive in ’cause we have 30 minutes to bring this very important topic to you. And I didn’t introduce myself, but you all know me by now. I’m Dr. Sharon Stills. I’m your host. Welcome to the summit, Bindiya. It’s so great that you’re here.

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