How Plant Medicine Can Heal Your Brains

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  • How Master or Teacher Plants, psychedelic or otherwise, alter us to help us access to heal in a new way
  • Learn new ways for children and adults to recalibrate brain and mental health to open new pathways of healing
  • How to determine when symptoms are energetic and spiritual, rather than physical
  • Learn how Predictive Coding may be keeping you stuck and how to rewrite the code
  • Why the relationship with your healing team is possibly the most important part of your healing process, more so that what your treatment protocol actually is
  • The impact of loneliness (even when you’re surrounded by others) and how to re-access your innate connectedness and aliveness
  • The MitoBiome – learn how microbes and mitochondria are similar and continue to communicate with each other
  • Learn how Quantum Drops, a vibrational Master Plant product, can support safe and deep transformation
Thomas Moorcroft, DO

Everyone. Dr. Tom Moorcroft, back here with you for this episode of The Healing from Lyme Disease Summit. And today, I’m really pumped about our conversation. We’re joined by Maya Shetreat, who’s an MD, a great friend of mine, and someone who is a board certified pediatric neurologist who over the years we’ve talked at different panels and PANDAS conferences together. But what’s always so interesting is I think that, like when I back in medical school thought about it. I was like, I want to be a pediatric neurologist because I want to help kids. And then I was like, Well, if I want to help kids, maybe I should do something a little different because it was always so fine point, you know, like get some crazy weird diagnosis and put them on some meds. 

But the difference with Maya is, you know, she wrote a book called The Dirt Cure. She’s always talking about how to really just reinvigorate self-healing, which is why she’s the perfect fit for our summit here. And it’s just she’s one of the people who looks at how the body traditionally has worked. And it really empowers me, even as my as a person, an individual, to go back, to learn what I can learn about myself from Mother Earth, from the planet. And then she also has this amazing book coming out called The Master Plant Experience the Science, Safety and Sacred Ceremony of Psychedelics. And really has drove really deep into the field of the psyche, opening our minds to the healing potential within from looking back at really sacred medicinals that have been on the planet for probably longer than human beings. 

And really, one of the reasons I wanted to have this conversation today with Dr. Maya is that this is so important. So many of you may be coming to the summit and like, you know, someone is sick, they get treated, they might get better. Right. That’s probably not most of us. We’re here people who have been stuck in a pattern of chronic illness and they want that new, you know, the new information that allows them to open the door to healing that may have otherwise been closed on them by the conventional medical system. So I could go on and on about Maya all day long, but I’d rather have her talk to you about herself. So. Dr. Maya Shetreat, thanks for joining us.

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