How To Choose and Use A PEMF System

William Pawluk, MD, MSc


  • Choosing an appropriate PEMF system for health and healing can be complicated and daunting. This presentation deals with the many practical parameters involved in selecting the right system for one’s needs and budget. Once the right system is selected it’s important to know how to get the most value from it.
William Pawluk, M.D., MSc

This is Dr. Pawluk. This video is how to choose and use a PEMF system. There’s a lot of confusion about which PEMF systems should be used and how to use them. So we want to provide you with some instructional information on how to get the best value out of your system and how to use it. So how do you choose it and how do you use it? Here’s what we’ll cover. The crucial Faraday’s Law and the Inverse Square Law, these are important aspects of how magnetic field therapy should be looked at and how you will evaluate how well it’s gonna work for you. How PEMFs work. PEMFs, inflammation, and the adenosine receptor. PEMF systems by size and intensity. The conditions PEMFs have been shown to manage. How to choose a device. Devices I recommend. And I’ll give you an example of a specific condition, so you can see how you think through the process of using it. And then how to match the condition or treatment goals with system parameters, the available systems and proper application. And then of course, some resources. Most magnetic field actions in the body work through the induction of charge in the tissues by the magnetic field as it passes through the body. That is, it’s a result of something called Faraday’s Law, critical to the development and use of PEMF systems. So what is Faraday’s Law? Faraday’s Law basically states that time varying, in other words, magnetic fields that are in motion, which is what you get with PEMFs, induce an electric field whose magnitude is proportional to its rate of change. So in other words, the magnetic fields induce electrical fields in the body, and the extent to which they induce the magnetic field or the electrical field in the body is proportional to the change in the intensity of the magnetic field over time. So this is a description. 

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