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Learn How to Detox Away Many of our Symptoms

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  • Heavy metals and their impact on our gut health and microbiome.
  • Reducing toxic load to restore balance in our bodies.
  • Mobilize toxins and using binders Implementing Energy Medicine using Rife Devices
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey everybody, this is Robby Besner, the co-founder and device developer of Thesarage and we’re here again for another amazing episode in our Lyme series. So today is gonna be the interview all interviews. I have a dear friend, colleague, Wendy Myers. She is well-known in so many ways. She’s written books, she’s a public speaker, she gets on stage, she’s got Wendy Myers detox, a full, robust catalog of supplements. She’s really one of the pioneers in that area and she’s here to give us her spin on helpful hints and tips that you all out there in the Lyme world could use just to sorta get out of bed, get started, get jump-started or just stay optimally healthy. So with that, I wanna introduce Wendy Myers, welcome to the Healthy Hotline and welcome to our Lyme series, Wendy. Thank you for joining us.


Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC

Thanks so much for having me.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Yeah, it’s great. So let’s start off with kind of unpacking and doing a little backdrop of Wendy Myers, like your journey and where you are today with the things you focus on because you impact so many people on a daily basis. And for all of you out there that don’t know Wendy, you have to check out her website, wendymyersdetox.com and she’s got a whole crew. She’s got a plethora of interviews which she’s interviewed me a few times, which I’m so, so honored for and she’s done a multitude of campaigns. She’s a wealth of information. So Wendy, you got the mic. Tell us a little bit about yourself please.


Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC

Yes, well, I’m like a lot of people, I had reached a certain point in my life where I just it felt like I was doing everything right and I just felt like crap, essentially. I was eating all the right foods, taking amazing supplements, exercising, doing these stress things. And I just felt terrible and went to my doctor and they wanted to put me on hormone replacement therapy. They said I have the hormone levels of a menopausal woman. I had such severe a brain fog. I couldn’t follow what the doctor was saying or couldn’t remember what they were telling me to do in my protocol and I didn’t wanna do hormone replacement therapy. So I went on Dr. Google and tried to figure out what’s going on? Why am I fatigued? Why am I brain fogged? Why are my hormone levels in the toilet? And I kept hitting upon toxins and heavy metals and chemicals and things, different estrogenic substances that interfere in your hormones. 

And something just clicked in me and I went down this rabbit hole of this researching and I thought, why had I never looked at this in more detail before? And I’d studied with health my whole life. And so something was just lit inside me and I decided to start publishing what I was learning on myersdetox.com and try to inform other people about how we’re exposed to toxins every day in our air, food and water and how these toxins can impact every single different organ system in our body, including our mitochondria to make energy, including our immune system, which is dramatically impacted when you have Lyme, ’cause a lot of people are exposed to Lyme or Lyme-like illnesses, but their immune system is able to keep them in check, our immune system is able to keep them under lock and key. 

And one thing that just in my studies and one of my mentors is Dr. Bruce Jones and he’s a medical doctor in Australia and a lot of doctors send him Lyme cases and the tough cases they can’t solve. And in his opinion, you have to work on detoxification if you really wanna improve Lyme because there are so many heavy metals like arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead that dramatically impact immune system functioning. And so detox is a really important part of the key if you want to recover from line.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Well, from what I can see in being immersed in the Lyme community for 25 years or more, it seems to me and people, the Lyme is why we’re here today. But when we’re talking about chronic ailment in general, mostly people express symptoms of any kind because of levels of toxicity and toxicity and inflammation kind of travel on the same highway together. And so if you’re expressing, your body’s expressing itself somehow with a symptom and we can lower toxicity and lower inflammation at the same time, then we’re kinda got a fighting chance. We’re not really going after the root cause, but we’re lowering the pain and the toxicity thresholds. 

And so a lot of the symptoms start to dissipate and to a chronic challenge Lyme patient, that’s like getting their lives back if they’re less symptomatic. So it’s interesting how you dove into the detox piece and you just follow through because you’re famous for that. And it makes way sense and then we are talking about your internal milieu, like these imbalances of microorganisms in your body, but what about environmental toxins and how that affects your global epigenetics? Like how you’re expressing in so many ways. So it gets complicated pretty fast, pretty much.


Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC

Oh yeah and you know, our microbiome and our gut is responsible for the majority of our immune system functioning and heavy metals impact our guts. You have things like mercury, you have things like glyphosate, which is just everywhere. It just destroys our gut microbiome. We have antibiotics, people abusing silver, which is great but if you abuse any natural or medical antibiotic, you’re gonna have problems with that. and then we have heavy metals like cadmium. There’s all kinds of different metals that, and nickel, that impact our ability to make digestive enzymes and stomach acid. If you have too many of those, you’re just not gonna be able to kill off parasites and bad bacteria and yeast in things like that that can overgrow in your gut. There’s just a lot of different factors, a lot of different kind of roles that heavy metals will play in destroying our gut microbiome, impacting our immune system functioning, impacting the immune system cells from actually functioning properly. 

Like there’s been studies that have been done that show that when the different cells, like the macrophages and the killer T cells and are exposed to different metals, they actually slow down and don’t work. They’re not looking for a pathogen to consume and kill. And so they just slow down our immune system functioning. And so when you have like too much mercury, you have too much copper, your body will allow parasites and pathogens to overgrow ’cause they eat them, they’ll eat the metals and kind of clean up the body and the body’s innately intelligent. So it can use these metals to it’s advantage, but overall, you need to bring the heavy metal load down, the toxin load down to restore proper functioning in the body.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Right, and so what are some of your favorite go tos? I know you’ve got a full array of binders and different protocols that you put out and that you recommend. So for the people that are just tuning in, the Lyme patients that are just getting started, part of the challenge, and you kind of hit on it a little earlier when you’re clear thinking, you can sort of, and you think you’ve got all the time in the world to make choices, right? You can sort of plot along, you go on the internet and now with our pandemic and the lockdown scenarios, people are spending a lot more time researching things. And that’s a double-edged sword because you find out a lot of information sometimes that’s way overwhelming. Some of it is bad information and when you’ve got a chronic challenge, my God, like how do you ever find your way out of that rabbit hole in a way, right? So I love everything that you do because you kind of unpack it for us, you’ve done all the research. You dove really deep and you make it very simple for all of us to understand the way back, the steps that you need to follow, to get back home. 

And I admire you, in a lot of ways for all of that and bringing in your continued ambition and zeal, thirst, it’s like insatiable, you just got to know, you got to meet more people. You got to know more things. You got to educate and raise awareness and in a lot of ways and this is probably my closing line, the world needs more Wendy Myers out there but right now I’m very happy that you’re here today to be with us to share some more of this stuff that you’ve experienced. So let’s travel a little bit further. We know heavy metals can be you’ve just mentioned some things, and also it can change cognitive approaches and neuroplasmatic synapsis. Like the electrical system that our brain uses in order to get information from one place to another, which could be organ regulation or it could just be clear thinking, like you mentioned brain fog earlier. What are the kinds of steps that you could recommend for us today that might be the beginning steps to where to start.


Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC

Yeah, yeah, it can be very overwhelming when you’re first learning about detoxification, but there’s very simple things you can do. So number one, I recommend people take a binder and a binder is a very passive way to detox where you take something that acts like a sponge that absorbs toxins, very easy to do. Very few people have problems with that ’cause it’s reducing your toxic load and people feel better as a result of that normally. You’re not mobilizing any toxins out of your fat or other tissues. And so that’s where a lot of people run into problems, especially when they are already ill is mobilizing toxins too quickly and their body just isn’t, it’s a kind of adding insult to injury, throwing salt in the wound. And so the best thing to do is do something like take a binder. I created one called CitriCleanse. That’s a great fruit citrus pectin that’s works really, really well in absorbing all different types of toxins and heavy metals. 

And then people can also take something really gentle and natural like silica. So, it depends, there’s different types of silicas there’s different silicas that are much better for detoxification, like an OSA, it’s called an orthosilicic acid. So I put that in my Ageless AF supplement. And so that is a type of silica that will bind to arsenic, aluminum, tin, thallium and cesium, which also happen to be mitochondrial poisons, which poison your body’s ability to make energy. So that’s key. If you want brain function, immune function, those all require energy. Leaky gut, the cells in your gut lining are very ATP, very energy dependent. So people that have leaky gut issues, many times you don’t have enough energy to hold your gut together. So that’s part of the issue. So taking those two products is a very, very good start. 

And also a lot of times people think of detox as taking something to go in and rip out the toxins, get rid of them, get them out of my body. But really what I learned over the years is really, I’m more about facilitating the body’s own natural ability to detox. And so that is simple things like hydration. It’s amazing how people don’t get their hydration right. It’s not just about drinking water. I have more information about that on myersdetox.com, and then grounding the body. The body needs a proper polarity because we are electrical beings. We’re energetic beings. We have to be grounded properly for the body to work, for the brain to work, our nervous system’s electronic system or electric system and so that’s really important, just grounding is important. 

Like walking on the grass and the ocean, swimming in the ocean, walking on the beach, laying on the ground is also really important. There’s also all different types of grounding mats and things like that, but so grounding, super, super important. And also this led me into bioenergetics and doing a program called NES Health Bioenergetics. Our body works primarily by an energy field. We have an energy field in our body, our heart sends out an energy field about 10 feet in diameter around us and that’s where our body primarily communicates. And one way that heavy metals and toxins throw a wrench into that are they cause energetic blocks in our body. They interfere in communication. Emotional trauma also causes energetic blocks in our body, our shockers, our meridians, different organs, our immune system, our brain, different emotional traumas affect different parts of the body. 

And so it’s very important to identify those and clear those to optimize immune system function, brain function, nervous system function, gut function, et cetera, and I’ve seen incredible, incredible turnarounds in people’s health, immunity and whatnot just by doing this NES health bioenergetics program. But it also, why I also use it is to optimize people’s bodies, optimize the efficiency of the body functioning so that their body can detox on its own. Like I mentioned, many times people’s detox pathways are just not functioning. Like their lymph is not flowing. They’re not pooping. Their kidneys don’t work so great, their liver is a mess, they just can’t get the toxins out. We know they have them in them. Everyone has toxins and they affect them in different ways, but not everyone has the ability to excrete them and get them out, even if they are taking something to mobilize the toxins and try to detox them. 

So where the NES health bioenergetics program comes in, and it’s very simple to do, it’s relatively, very inexpensive to do, you can do it in the comfort of your own home and this program, what I’ve seen to do is amazing as far as getting the body working better, addressing those underlying root causes of why their body and immunity and detox pathways aren’t working and that’s where I’ve seen the biggest results, the biggest shifts in people’s health is beginning with bioenergetics and then giving the body a few months to start correct it’s functioning. When you’re stabilized, when you’re feeling a bit better, that’s when you wanna maybe go more hard on the detoxification and taking supplements, the infrared saunas are amazing. 

I love Therasage saunas, I recommend those to my clients as well, I have one myself. And so those kinds of things are really, really key. The infrared sauna, I can’t recommend that highly enough. I recommend those to all of my clients and those are gonna just do, I mean, there’s 30 different benefits of infrared saunas for your immunity and killing off pathogens and doing all kinds of things. So when you’re doing that, really smart to have a binder on board and drink tons of water, but yeah, bioenergetics, nothing can really compare to that as far as improving overall function in general.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

I love where you went with all this just now, because generally Lyme and the co infections that will go along with Lyme, like Babesia and Bartonella and so forth and just like any other virus or parasite there’s variations to those things like they morph into stronger, they’re smart bugs and most people like the Lyme literate doctors, it’s like lime is the enemy. It’s not really the enemy. Like the milieu is our internal microbiome, is made up with tens of thousands of different organisms that work and live symbiotically and our body needs them in order to digest food, for instance, something as simple as that. But when oftentimes the Lyme patient, especially the chronic Lyme patient, they’re sick of being sick like most people that have chronic challenges and then they go and they find some Lyme-literate doctor, and the doctor comes out and says, “Well, we’re gonna do this protocol. And then we’re gonna attack the root cause, which is the Lyme, let’s say, or the co-infections. The problem with that is just what you expressed. If you don’t have a strong platform, really all you’re doing is throwing gasoline on a fire because if let’s say they’re right about the approach they took towards going after the Lyme itself, then they’re going to create an additional toxic event. 

And if you don’t balance out your energy, kind of take care of all the primal things you need as a platform, then you find yourself just sort of feeling sicker rather than getting better and many of the Lyme literate doctors out there, not all of them, but they’ll say, “Hey, this is gonna work and the way you’re gonna know it’s gonna work is because you’re gonna feel like crap before you feel better.” And there’s no reason for any of that because if you do what you’re suggesting, Wendy, by just doing a little homework, getting a little kind of a game plan going and work on lowering your toxic load from just environmental toxins and the toxins you have accumulated to the point where you’re symptomatic, if we can lower that threshold, then when you start going after some of the underlying root causes, it’s not gonna rock your world. You’re gonna be able to power through it because you’ve got a really good platform. 

I love that you went to the emotional piece because we all have that. And just from my own personal background and experience with Lyme, we went to a lot of Lyme doctors in our history, maybe as many as 25 or more. So you try some, you get some moderate resolve, you go into remission, then you come out of remission and you have another episode and so physically over some period of time, it’s kind of like a little better or a little worse, but emotionally you keep making new lows every time you try and you fail and you have another episode. And so the emotional content and the people that are your support group, like your family and so forth, it’s so important to make sure that they’re not toxic in a sense in sabotaging your own wellness plan. And so the emotion, the mind-body piece, people talk about it but what I love about you is you’re actually doing it, you’re doing it for your own self and you’re recommending it to all of us to be mindful of the things you need to do as just as important as everything else out there.


Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC

Yeah, I don’t think people realize how much emotional trauma impacts us and causes physical symptoms and impairs our physical functioning as well. It’s really, really dramatic. I mean, it’s just amazing the work that I’ve seen just within my own client base and with other people and other medical doctors that are focusing on emotional trauma. I wanna to tell people to really consider that is part of your treatment plan because I assure you it’s contributing more than you realize. And also I have another thought on frequency medicine or energy medicine. One thing that I have is a rife device and if I had something like Lyme or any kind of other infection, I would 100% be seeking out the use of a rife device. That’s R-I-F-E, it was developed by Royal Rife. This was developed a hundred years ago and what this does is you do a little scan and it will scan any type of infection that you have. So I use Spooky2, it’s spooky2.com, is where you can get one. 

And it’s like a little plasma frequency device that sends frequencies to your body and it will do a scan of your body figure out all the infections that you have and just send a frequency to make them explode. It’s just the opposite frequency of what the scan has found that you have. It’s incredibly effective. People get resolution within, I mean, a matter of months with what’s going on with them and you can run programs to facilitate, you actually run an 11-day program first to facilitate liver and kidney and detoxification of your whole body you’re kind of doing like a bioenergetic detox and then you can do other frequencies for, I mean, you wanna do a scan of your body and just run this what the scan finds, but they have 55,000 different programs that you can run. And there’s also things like ZYTO Scan. A lot of practitioners do a ZYTO scan. You can do that at home and so that’s incredibly effective for identifying exactly what type of infections you have ’cause I think for the problem with traditional functional medicine is they don’t have tests for everything. 

The test that they do don’t test for everything out there it’s much quicker and less expensive to do something like a ZYTO scan and you’ll figure out exactly what you have, I mean, like that, it tests 500,000 different things very, very quickly and you can find other things that are going on with you as well. And there’s an emotional trauma component to that as well, call them the Evox, E-V-O-X, part of the ZYTO scan. So you do a physical scan and emotional trauma scan. So lots of ways to skin that chicken. We use NES health, which is fantastic also, but lots of great options out there for people, way beyond what’s available at a traditional medical doctor.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Yeah, that’s a key point because most of the insurance companies won’t cover the medications and or doctor visits with Lyme and now it’s getting a little better, but 20 years ago it was unheard of. So everything was sort of out of pocket. And the very idea that you can do many of these different kinds of therapies like you’re suggesting at home and there are a lot more reliable in some ways because the blood testing labs like even IGeneX, which was one of the top labs, blood test labs, for the Western blot tests and so forth for showing Lyme, there’s been a lot of those false negatives and false positives that come from the tests because Lyme’s kind of tricky. By the time you have an antibody or you have a kind of a response like an immune response to Lyme, it’s kind of almost already too late to treat it with certain more aggressive platforms because it takes 30 to 45 days for it to even show up in your bloodstreams and antibodies and different things that your body makes naturally. 

Now with frequencies, it’s a whole different thing. And I’m a big fan of rife as well, and for those out there, I’m sure you’ve probably heard of rife or chatted on some chat room, Lyme chat room, but Royal Rife, he actually came off the back of a lot of the research that Albert Einstein did in understanding that everything in nature has a frequency related to it. And Rife just said, “I’m gonna figure out what they are.” And he cataloged all of these different frequencies and the machines that you’re talking about, like the Spooky2, right? That’s the version one you have? Okay, so it almost works like Bose noise-canceling headphones. 

So there’s the positive frequency and then the rife machine can figure out whatthat is and give you the negative frequency or the complete opposite, it’s called an isomer in physics and then they kind of cancel each other out. So the organism and the invasive part that would trigger a whole bunch of immune responses, the body doesn’t sense it anymore. It’s not threatening in different ways and so it’s super effective. And then like all organisms, they have lifespans and then they just die off and it’s a nice, subtle way to really work on the root cause, so I love that. And you know, you mentioned hydration and you mentioned grounding and like, these are things that don’t cost a lot of money.


Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC

Yeah, they’re basic, your body doesn’t work unless you are doing those things. It just does not work properly.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Yeah, I often think, I use the analogy like a fish tank. And have you ever had a fish tank, Wendy, in your life?


Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC

I have, I have killed a lot of fish, yes.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Yeah, me too. They all forgave me by the way.


Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC

I’m in the process of killing fish right now. I have like 10 fish tanks and a koi pond. I have a koi pond too.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Wow, awesome, I know you relocated recently and you’re really communing with nature and I know that’s such an important part of everybody’s health plan, but coming to hydration, if you had a 10-gallon fish tank and you had a hundred-gallon fish tank and you had the same bowl fish in both tanks, and you took a little dropper and you dropped a little bacteria, that’s called, ich, it causes fin rot in gold fish and you put a drop in the 10-gallon, you put a drop in the hundred, the 10-gallon tank, the fish in that tank, is going to experience symptoms much faster because there’s much less water for it to swim around or avoid the bacteria and that’s what it’s like when your body is dehydrated. Everybody out there that’s watching today, you can actually change your profile, your symptomatic profile, just by properly hydrating because once you start to get cellular hydrated, then a lot of the symptoms that you experience, they start to kind of peel away because they become less magnified in a way and so hydration is a key. 

So we’ve talked before in past discussions, you and I, about sunlight, creating structured water, which is better for bioavailable water in a cell. I know you’ve studied and delved deep on different kinds of filtration systems that are good. So one thing is taking particulates out. The other is organizing the water so it’s more bioavailable for the cell and that’s the key because particularly like in the US we’re a nation that drinks a load, a load of water but it’s just passing through us, it’s not actually cellular hydrating and that’s what’s important. So I think you generally recommend a good sodium. A good source of salt that would help support cellular hydration.


Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC

Yeah, I really like Quinton. I think Quinton is amazing. I like Healthy Salt. That’s another salt, has a lot of sulfur in it. Not everyone can do sulfur, but if you tolerate sulfur, then that’s helpful. I like Mother Earth Minerals too. Those are amazing for just general minerals supplement, ionic minerals. Those are fantastic.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Yeah, the Mother Earth, they’ve got a nice story behind it, because the organizer of that supplement line studied under Jonas Salk, the guy who developed salt and vitamin C or salt vaccines and vitamin C. And what is unique about his supplements is that he uses charged particles that are basically the kind of charge that your body needs. It has the earth charge and so because, and you hit on this earlier about grounding and EMF and all that stuff communing with nature, our little body batteries are basically more positive than negative because we don’t kick our shoes off. We don’t hug palm trees and oak trees and things that are grounded into the ground. And so for that reason and it’s more important that people that live in metropolitan areas because they’re basically influenced by air conditioning and heating and things that create positive charges that throws your body charge off. 

So it’s not expensive to go out and hug a tree or kick your shoes off and walk on the sand or the grass. But we’re surrounded by all these exogenous frequencies, like the 5G networks now and what is it? The ELF, the extreme low frequencies, which is the dirty electricity, some of the utility companies, some of the militias in various countries, they’re on seven and 10G now. So those little towers that are up there they look innocent and you think they’re just carrying three, four and 5G, but they’re carrying seven and 10G because that’s what our government and our militaries are using. So we’re flooded with all these frequencies. The only answer is-


Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC

Yeah, I’m glad you brought, I’m sorry, I’m glad you brought that up because that’s something that really interferes in immunities so much and sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt, but yeah, I just got really excited because that is such, EMF that we’re experiencing in our environment at such a increasing rate, it’s not surprising that so many people are ill with immune system malfunctioning, that’s what Lyme is. It’s not necessarily the pathogen, it’s the terrain, that’s the problem and when your immune system is being bombarded and all the research shows us that your immune system is dramatically impacted by this EMF, these electromagnetic fields from satellites and from our cell phones and our smart meter and our computers and the wifi and all the neighbors wifi and it’s just everywhere. 

And, again, we go back to how does our body work? How our body communicate to this energy field? These frequencies our body admits our brainwaves, that our brain emits the heart waves that our heart emits, there’s information on those waves just like there’s information being transmitted on the wifi, on your computer, there’s packets of information. The body works the same way but when you have these harsh frequencies, bombard your brain and bombarding your pineal gland, your brainwaves, it’s no wonder that people can’t sleep. If you can’t sleep, you’re gonna have terrible immunity. You can’t make antigens to pathogens. It dramatically affects so much different functioning. There’s lots of options out there. I know that you have an amazing TheraProtect to protect your home. There are stickers you can put on your cell phones and whatnot. So there’s so many great options out there, but you have to be thinking about those if you’re fatigued, brain fogged, anxious, depressed, have immune issues, Lyme, what have you.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

And the problem with all these exogenous frequencies is that you can’t smell them, taste them, hear them you can’t sense them. So you don’t even know that you’re in danger and now the people that have chronic Lyme often become sensitive to chemicals, they get food allergies. And they also get sensitive to these exogenous frequencies as well, but they don’t know where it’s coming from. They don’t understand that that is another stressor that’s causing them to just not feel well in general, lower their immune system, lower their energy, affect their mitochondria, everything you’ve talked about today. It’s multi dimensional and it’s cross-cultural because you’ve got the Eastern culture that talks about chakras and the Eastern, that’s the Indian culture and then you’ve got the Eastern, like the Chinese and the Asian bloc, that talks about energy meridians that are all getting somewhat upset or blocked by these different fields that are all around us. We don’t have a lot more time because then I know your time is super valuable. So I just wanted to give you an opportunity if there’s something that we missed that you may wanna cover today or give a shout out, please by all means.


Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC

I’ll just summarize. If you have Lyme, chronic fatigue, chronic illness, number one, you have to be thinking about emotional trauma and addressing that. I assure you, it is impacting you dramatically. I’ve heard of people completely resolve all of their health issues, just with addressing emotional trauma. Everybody has toxins, number two, and they all need to detox. Infrared saunas are the number one ways to do that but also taking binders is super important and number three, addressing EMF is super, super important. Something that people overlook, ’cause most people are focused on like their diet and the supplements and the protocols and supplements they should take for Lyme and whatnot but you can’t forget the basics of how the body works. 

You wanna restore the body’s functioning as much as you can and that’s the priority, that’s the foundation of what you should be addressing. And so you have to mitigate EMF because EMF is dramatically interfering with how your body normally functions and communicating this energy field. So that’s super important mitigate that. There’s lots of things that you can do. Lots of great products out there. I know Robby, you have some as well, but so those three things I think are a really high priority and things that people don’t think about when it comes to addressing their Lyme or other chronic illnesses.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Yeah and we’re not saying today, don’t see your primary doctor or don’t go to your Lyme-literate doctor, we’re not saying that at all. We’re just saying that these are real practical, real affordable things, utilities that you can incorporate into your life, certainly to help you out of the situation you’re in now but also to support the rest of your family for living more healthier and fruitful lives just in general, like the long-term plan. Wendy, you’ve touched on so many great topics that are so important for people to know and to be organized, but more importantly, rather than going after the enemy, as some people think it is, but really what we’re talking about is just rebalancing your internal environment, right? Rather than going aggressively after that, go after the primal things that you need to support life, a healthier life, in general. 

And incorporate yourself in a safe place for that and then after that, once you get stable somewhat, then you can really start to get a little more aggressive as to the root cause. And the other last thing I just wanna leave everybody with is expectation. Sometimes you could be, when you were a child, you could have been exposed to Lyme, but because you’re young and you’ve got very strong immune system, you may not become symptomatic for 10, 15 years, but you’re accumulating these toxins and then something happens, there’s a shift. Then all of a sudden, you go from being functional to less functional and you wanna find one particular thing that did it. So when you accumulate toxins over some great period of time, it isn’t gonna go, you can’t detox overnight. 

You have to have a realistic expectation that it’s gonna take a while to really come down that toxic mountain. And so I often say it’s very hard to ball up a mountain when you’re climbing the toxic mountain step-by-step, it’s pretty kind of like, you just get symptomatic when you’re on the top. But when you realize that you’re toxic and you become symptomatic coming down the mountain, it’s really easy to fall going down a mountain. So you can’t do it too fast because that’s when you get Herx reactions, that’s when you actually get, sometimes you can take a big step back before you make that step forward. So I really appreciate your time today and your insights and all of your contributions that you’ve done. Myers Detox, Wendy Myers, a woman in the know, thank you so much for joining us and for your contribution to the Lyme community, really appreciate you.


Wendy Myers FDN-P, NC, CHHC

Yeah, thanks so much for having me. It’s really a pleasure to be here. I love what I do, I love educating people about how to take care of their body. I’m just very blessed every day to do that. And I just hope, my only hope is I helped someone listening to this today.


Robby Besner PSc.D.

Cool, awesome. Thank you, again. Hi, everybody, it’s Robby Besner, thanks so much for joining us today. Please share this content with anyone that you think might benefit from it and we’re looking forward to having you with us tomorrow for another great interview.


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