How To ‘Live’ Your Medicine Of Mindset Experience

Jana Danielson


  • Phew! We made it! What a week! Join Jana in today’s mini session as she offers up some simple advice on how you can ensure that all of the inspiration and motivation you are feeling from your summit experience continues to impact you long after the summit ends
  • You truly have the keys to transform your life at your fingertips, the trick is to know how to take this information and turn it into education and then into wisdom. Let Jana show you how!
Jana Danielson

So welcome back to the last day of The Medicine of Mindset Summit. I have enjoyed so much being with you all week long and now I know you might feel like your picture is full and there’s information running over top of the edges. You might even use the word overwhelmed and overwhelmed with all this information. And what I want to do in this little mini session with you today is help you understand how you can take what you’ve been learning and compartmentalize it because truly the experts that we’ve had and the information that they’ve shared could be a lifetime of learning. You might have connected with one or two people and you want to buy their book or you want to maybe you’re starting to listen to their podcast. Maybe you’ve downloaded their free gift or if you have done a V. I. P. Upgrade maybe the V. I. P. Gift. All right. And by the way there’s still time for you to upgrade to become a V. I. P. So that you can have this entire collection for the rest of your life. 

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