The Flex5 Lifestyle: How To Lose Weight And Regain Health

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The Flex5 Lifestyle is a strategy designed to help people achieve optimal wellness and transform their health. Led by Dr. Tom Rifai MD FACP, a renowned expert with over two decades of experience in weight loss and reversing type 2 diabetes. The Flex5 Lifestyle program is focused on guiding you through a comprehensive approach to understanding and improving your overall well-being.

Learn the 5 Keys to Optimal Wellness, mind-matters, nutrition, activity, accountability, and environment play a role in your success. 

Visit the official website to learn more about the Flex5 Lifestyle:

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Alright everybody welcome a real real treat and honor a long history between myself and Dr. Tom Rifai for decades training working in the same community same institutions and just watching Dr. Tom as he’s known kind of grow from what was a superstar resident when I first met him to now a superstar, internationally known medical doctor. And I want everybody to you know sit still take on a pad of paper and take some notes because some of the topics we’re gonna talk about have not been covered in depth. I mean nobody knows obesity and metabolic syndrome and commitment and responsibility. And like Dr. Tom has done a medical doctor who’s half a coach, half a doctor, half a kiss fan, half a super dad and super husband. And so many different ways we could go. But we’ll start with. So just for sake of giving him full honor, he’s do Dr. Tom Rifai, R I F A I founding CEO of reality meets science but you’ll probably see it out there now more as a company known as FlexMD. 

A digital health company founded a program called the Flex5 Lifestyle program. We’re going to talk about that used here in Detroit at Henry Ford hospital system and now at magnet International, the largest mobility technology company and auto supplier. He’s an American board of internal medicine and lifestyle medicine diplomat. That means he passed all those exams past president of the national border physician nutrition specialist, bachelor’s in psychology, clinical assistant professor at the largest medical school in the United States Wayne State University where he earned his MD. You can hear him on a podcast called the true health revealed podcast where he interviews leaders from around the world. He has huge experience, but it hasn’t been an easy smooth course because there was a day that Dr. Tom himself wasn’t the healthiest of individuals. And it’s out of that reality that he’s grown. He’s been a educator and teacher in the Pritikin lifestyle medicine system as well as Harvard School courses and programs. And I know him personally that he’s most proud of being married to an amazing woman named Angela and two wonderful kids. We live close to each other. Welcome Dr. Tom how much more can we possibly say.

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