How to Prevent and Help Heal Yourself from Cancer

William Sears, MD


  • Eat the 5-S cancer-healing diet
  • How movement mobilizes your conquer-cancer immune system to fight better for you
  • Sleep well – cancer less
  • Open your internal pharmacy to make your own medicines
  • How to have a conquer-cancer mindset
Kashif Khan

Hello, everyone. You know, when it comes to the work we do in genetics, two of the big questions we get asked are around Alzheimer’s, which we’ve addressed in a couple of the talks that we’ve had, but also around cancer. Just because there’s so much buzz around genetics and cancer and so much gap in information between why do we say there’s genetic issues, and why do these things express the way they do? I don’t think there’s anyone better to talk on the subject than who we have here today with us. And we’re honored to have Bill Sears with us. First of all, thank you for joining.


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