How To Upgrade Your Brain Using Technology

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  • How Technology Outperforms Medicine in Brain Disorders
  • Using digital platforms to address brain and mental health should be the standard of care
  • Why using technology is better than medicine for brain and mental health
Cheng Ruan, MD

So for this segment, we’re going to dive into a world called Digital neuro Therapy and technology is going to take us where medicine has killed us over and over again in the world of psychiatry and neuropsychiatry. So today we have a very fabulous guests. I’m really proud to introduce Dr. Wexler. And what’s great about Dr. Wexler is that he is one of the people that are pioneers in redefining the link between, um, emotional and psychiatry based sciences to the actual brain. So Dr. Wexler graduated from Harvard College with magna cum laude and with the major in government and earned his M d. Albert Einstein School of Medicine, where he did his research on neurotransmitters, Um, and then subsequently studied psychiatry. Anna Freud’s clinic in Hampstead in Neurology at the Institute of Neurology Queen Square. He trained in psychiatry at Yale University and state as a member of the faculty and really argued for the importance of neural systems view of really normal and abnormal brain functions, and which led to a paper that was published in 1986 in the British Journal of Psychiatry. 

Um, advocating the use of multiple physiologic and cognitive measures to move past rather than hope to confirm psychiatry’s 100 year old diagnostic system, which really helped launch the field of digital neuro therapy even back then. And so this really lets you from the 19 eighties to now a huge amount of technology driven imaging as well as cognitive assessment tools such as functional MRI as well as other tools as well quantity, e g et cetera, et cetera. And he device developed. He helped develop this programme called C eight Sciences Programme, and it’s at sea a sciences dot com, and this programme is really the goal of it is to put it into everyone’s homes and schools as a digital narrow therapy tools. So basically games and things that the kids can play to allow the brains to process things in a more optimal way other than just kind of relying on medications. And so Professor Wexler in 2006, published in Bringing Culture, neurobiology, Ideology and Social Change, a seminal text and cultural neuroscience, and we’re really here to discover what his concept is and where psychiatry is going to go in the new future and where it has landed right now and the tools that you can utilize right now. So I’m super proud to introduce Professor Wexler to the stage. So, Professor, welcome to the show. Appreciate you having on

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