How Your DNA Drives Your Mindset

Kashif Khan


  • There is a connection between our mood & behavior and our genes
  • There is also a connection between our epigenetics and our health
  • We will cover these topics and will identify the other systems in our body, other than our brain, that can be a major driver of our mindset
Jana Danielson

Well, welcome back everyone, we are back here at the virtual medicine of mindset summit stage and I have my next speaker with me and I’m going to give him just a little bit of an introduction because Kashif Khan is really unique to this whole week of speakers. He is the CEO and founder of the D. N. A company where personalized medicine is being pioneered through unique insights into the human genome. So I’m excited to chat with him about that. And he’s also the host of the unfilled podcast. Kashif grew up in Vancouver Canada and now he’s in Toronto. We were just talking off camera and he said he’s been to Saskatoon where I was from in the minus 40 degrees Celsius weather. So he gets it when your teeth, your teeth start to literally chatter. 

He developed a very industrious entrepreneurial spirit from a young age, He advised a number of high growth startups prior to his tenure with the D. N. A. Company and as he dove into the field of functional genomics as the CEO of the company, it was revealed that his very own neural wiring was actually genetically designed to be entrepreneurial. Now we’re gonna, I want to touch on that However, his genes, okay, this is what the cool part of this. His genes revealed a particular sensitivity to pollutants and now seeing his health with a completely new set of lenses, he just really wanted to dive further in and started to see the genetic pathways that lead to his own family’s challenges and then of course when there’s a challenge. The contrast of that is opportunity. So he took that and kind of flipped the script to see what were the opportunities to reverse some of these chronic diseases. His measure of success. I love this so much is not in dollars, but in lives improved Kashif welcome, welcome. Welcome.

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