Hydrogen Water: Therapeutic Effects on Aging & Medical Conditions

Paul Barattiero, ND




Dr. Paul Barattiero developed the Echo hydrogen water system and full line of products such as:

Those products are designed to modulate immune, detox, and cognitive function. 

Relationship Between Hydrogen Water and Telomere Length

In medicine, we’re used to supplements and we’re used to either drugs or supplements and we know this drug is going to do something and it’s typically one direction: it’s gonna regulate, upregulate something, or it’s gonna go down. But in hydrogen’s case, it will regulate up or down whatever is appropriate for the function. 

Hydrogen is natural and it is innate to the body. It literally can upregulate, downregulate, or do nothing, if nothing is needed. And that’s pretty tough to find in medicine, even something like vitamin C you give vitamin C to someone, it’s going to do something it’s not gonna do nothing if nothing is needed.

In the couple of studies, one was a group of 70 year olds, where they were looking at anti-aging and longevity. Effectively after six months of these individuals drinking what they called hydrogenized water, it’s just basically water with hydrogen gas but in them drinking this for six months, there was a 4% increase in telomere length. And so they liked that they thought it was great that it obviously led to anti-aging conversation. Now, in another study that was done that involved multiple biomarkers, cert one, for example, and different other biomarkers and systems that were getting affected, they found 148% telomere length increased. Now, obviously there’s a big difference between 4% and 148% so there’s an increase, right? It could be different, it could be a lot, it could be a little, but there definitely is an increase in telomere length. 

Now, what’s interesting is that it would be a normal cell. So no cancer, no DNA damage, no issues going on but yet in one of the studies, talking about ovarian cancer and lung cancer, for example, they found that hydrogen administration, shortened telomere length which at first, if you just read the headline you’ll go whoa, that’s the wrong direction but actually, it’s the right direction for cancer. Because cancer typically will increase telomere length, so that those cells will divide and continue to divide right and so, whether it’s cell center sense, or what have you, where you stop the dividing process, in cancers, the cancer wants itself to grow and to continue to thrive and so you increase telomere length, and therefore, you divide more and more cancer cells so the fact that hydrogen reduced the telomere length, and therefore would reduce the ability of those cells to divide is amazing and very natural, it’s what you would want it’s similar to apoptosis.

There was another study on colon cancer, and this is a little bit off topic, but there was a study on colon cancer. And they combined it with 5-Fluorouracil which is a chemotherapy drug for colon cancer. And what they found is, hydrogen had as the study said, a very strong anti cancer like activity in the body. Even more anti cancer than did the 5-Fluorouracil but when you combine the 5-Fluorouracil and hydrogen, it was 100% cancer cell death. Well, that sounds amazing, but I always like to say why. And the why was because hydrogen reactivated or benefited apoptosis and so the cells were destroying themselves. It wasn’t like hydrogen was going in and destroying cells. They were reprogrammed to destroy themselves which they should in the first place because they were inappropriately dividing so and growing. So it’s very interesting, like I said hydrogen is so natural hydrogen is so innate to the body and should be in the body. It’s just fascinating to me, when you start looking at it, that it causes things to work the way they should be working already and it’s very fascinating to my mind but getting back to telomeres and telomerase. It does affect aging, as we know it affects dividing cell dividing so that it doesn’t stop at 50 cycles, right? It really is an amazing thing and so drinking all these studies all agreed on one thing is that drinking water with hydrogen gas in it has a very strong chance of lengthening life or having longevity. 


Do You Need to Drink Hydrogen Infused Water throughout the Day?

When we took someone that had a perfectly functioning gut, nothing had been done to destroy their gastrointestinal tract or the balance of bacteria in there. And let’s say that it was perfect. In some way, we could find someone that was perfection. You know, they live somewhere where they’re living off the earth whatever the case is, right everything was perfect for them

And again, they should be producing 10 to 12 liters of hydrogen gas per day. Now, clearly when you’re producing 10 to 12 liters, it’s going out the tailpipe so you are going to have flatulence and it’s going out so what I have found is in the literature, it is accepted that when you’re drinking water 0.5 parts per million is what’s considered therapeutic. 

Now it’s a little bit misleading because when we talk about ghrelin secretions or we talk about neuroprotective effects, only 0.1 parts per million of hydrogen needed to be in the water to selectively stimulate ghrelin secretions to go to the brain. So what we’re really seeing is that the presence of hydrogen at almost any level in the body begins to signal modulation and begins to give direction. Now, we do see that if you increase, the other things are benefited like RA, obviously the more hydrogen we put in the more joints you’re gonna affect the fastest and that’s about the only thing found out that is doses dependent everything else for the most part is the fact that you have hydrogen in the body and it’s great.

 Now I will say that most people that you ask really start to feel effects and I’m talking energy boost, I’m talking, you know, they really feel it like go ooh, I like that at about one part per million. So even though half a part per million is accepted as a therapeutic concentration and 0.1 parts per million, you know, signals, ghrelin secretions it’s one part per million concentration that typically people are like, ”Ooh, I really like that I feel that, you know, I got an energy boost,” and just as a fun side note, there was a study done on caffeine versus hydrogen on sport drinks and hydrogen won by 10%. Believe it or not, hydrogen increased energy more in individuals than did sport drinks with high caffeine content by about 10% not a huge margin obviously but the fact that hydrogen can increase your energy level similarly to a caffeinated drink is pretty huge, period. But there’s a lot of things from an energy perspective from mitochondrial function, from brain function from the way you feel. So at the end of the day, we do not need to be concerned about how much hydrogen even though there are a few people out there that try to you know, say oh you need high amounts of hydrogen we really do not. And I will tell you that it’s only in the body, even when you drink it in water, it’s only gonna be in the body 30 minutes to an hour, and then you’re gonna exhale the unused hydrogen out. Now understand the effects can linger for three to five days because you have signal modulation going on and so all the pathways that were stimulated are still stimulated even though hydrogen is not there physically in the body. So, what would be the proper protocol? I would say intermittent use is appropriate. You definitely don’t want to be drinking constantly because the body will almost just say, “Forget it I’m not gonna pay attention anymore.”

So you want to mimic the body and that may be, let’s say you’re eating two meals a day or three meals a day, that would have something in there that your body would normally convert to hydrogen. I would say that it would make sense or be plausible to then have hydrogen water two times a day three times a day that would be appropriate. Now, when people purchase a machine and it’s in their office or their home, or what have you, that’s typically gonna be 60% of the water they’re drinking and it’s gonna be mostly what they do, which is fine if you’re modulating yourself all day long. But if you literally just were saying, what’s the least amount, it should be 16 ounce or 900 ml one time a day with at least half a part per million, which of course all the devices that I make they make a minimum of 1.5 and that’s because we know when you pour it into a glass or something, you may have some loss of gas so you’re still always getting one part per million, even though you may start with 1.5, 1.6, 1.8, which two of our devices do. There will be a new sport bottle coming out in February that’ll be around four to five parts per million. That’s just gonna be for people that want to go crazy by the way, one of the telomere studies that was there they did use 2.6 parts per million as a concentration it didn’t show know much of a difference and that’s also elucidated in another study the colon cancer study, where they used naturally occurring hydrogen water from Mount Fuji in Japan and then that’s another thing I want everyone to understand is that there are multiple places on earth where hydrogen water naturally occurs either from base salt, metal reactions or organisms that are also having flatulence and so you end up with hydrogen gas in water, in the rivers in India, you have multiple places in the US. You have, like I said, Mount Fuji in Japan. So the cancer study showed a very interesting thing that I think is important to understand. They tested naturally occurring hydrogen water, and what they called high content hydrogen water. 

High content hydrogen water is like what my machines produce and naturally occurring hydrogen water has one eighth, the amount of hydrogen in it. So it was very good because we would wanna ask the question, is there a charitable response in the body to just putting in more hydrogen? And at the end of the day, they tested the blood to see how much hydrogen was in the blood after increasing it eight times more and it was only a 25% increase in the blood. So we know that just increasing concentration does not translate a linear relationship to blood saturation so I think it starts to help us understand that more is not always better, as we know in medicine but just having hydrogen in the body is what’s important on a regular basis.


Joseph M. Raffaele, M.D.

Welcome to another episode of the Telomere Summit sponsored by the Dr. Summits. I’m Dr. Joseph Raphael, your host for the Telomere Summit, and I’m very pleased to have Paul Barattiero on today to speak about the role of molecular hydrogen in health and disease. Paul has lectured across the world over the last 22 years 12 years ago, he set out to educate the world on the vast benefits of molecular hydrogen. His message has focused on the critical role of molecular hydrogen, H2 to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. His lectures present causal problem and solutions through scientific studies. He developed the Echo hydrogen water system as well as other products to modulate immune and cognitive function. 

Paul has lectured across the world and has been on national television in the USA, Germany and Switzerland, including Doug Kaufmann’s television show Know the Cause. He was featured in The Truth About Cancer, and has been on radio shows and podcasts worldwide. Paul works diligently to educate individuals how to prevent disease and no longer suffer. Paul’s greatest joy come from serving others he is passionate about the prevention of pathologies. He founded Synergy Science incorporated in 2011, and developed a full line of products focused on detoxification, immune boost and gut recovery. You can find Paul at 800-337-7017 and at synergyscience.com S-Y-N-E-R-G-Y, Science S-I-E-N-C-E .com. Welcome Paul, I’m really pleased to have you on the show to continue our fascinating conversation that we had last night about the role of hydrogen and specifically hydrogen gas in water, in health and disease. Why don’t you give us a little bit of an idea about how you got into this and how you found this really pretty miraculous substance.

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