Hyperbaric Medicine

Paul Harch, MD and Juliette Harch, RN


  • How pressure and oxygen help change the epigenetics of inflammation
  • Using QEEG to individualize the optimal pressure and oxygen for the patient
  • Challenges with getting hyperbaric therapy into mainstream medicine
Eric Gordon, MD

Well welcome welcome. This is another overcoming Long Covid and CFS chronic fatigue. And today we have a really special guest. I’m very excited because I said I’m always um I love bringing new information but I’m especially excited when I’m going to learn a lot. And today I have Juliette and Paul Harch with us. Dr. Harch is a professor of emergency medicine and hyper hyperbaric medicine at the L. S. U. Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans. And he is the man who has really put hyperbaric oxygen I think on the map I mean is taking it to new new new dimensions and um and so we’re just gonna start off I one of the things that I that we were just talking about before I hit the record button is how he got involved in hyperbaric medicine because it really wasn’t a thing. I don’t think too much. So we’re gonna start right there and then we’re gonna roll into like how it what it uses and why we think of it with long covid. And also just with Covid it sounds like Dr. Harch. Tell us your story.

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Hyperbaric Medicine

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