Nipping Alzheimer’s in the Bud: Identifying the Earliest Markers of a Brain on Fire



  • How base hits win ball games.
  • Why disease begins in a leaky gut.
  • The connection between smell and Alzheimer’s.


Heather Sandison, N.D.

Welcome to this episode of the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit. I’m absolutely delighted to have a hero of mine here right now. Dr. Tom O’Bryan is the author of “How To Fix Your Brain”. His goal for you is making it easy to do the right thing. He’s an internationally recognized, admired, and compassionate speaker focusing on brain health, food sensitivities, environmental toxins, and the development of autoimmune diseases. His audiences discover that it is through a clear understanding of how you got where you are that you and your doctor can figure out what it will take to get you well. Dr. O’Bryan is considered the Sherlock Holmes for chronic disease and teaches that recognizing and addressing the underlying mechanisms that activate an immune response is the map of the highway towards better health. He holds teaching faculty positions with the Institute for Functional Medicine as well as the National University of Health Sciences. Dr. Tom O’Bryan, welcome.

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