Gut Health: Impact Of Inflammation Production And Building A Healthy Microbiome​



  • Types of foods that cause inflammation.
  • Dietary intake of wheat lead to Inflammation production.
  • Gluten and LPS are primary triggers activating inflammatory response.
  • The four primary factors responsible for leaky gut How do we rebuild microbiome?
Matthew Cook, M.D.

Well, hello everybody and welcome to the Peptide Summit. I am more than delighted to be here with Dr. Tom O’Brien. When it comes to getting healthy, Dr. Tom O’Brien’s goal for you is making it easy to do the right thing. He’s an internationally recognized, admired and compassionate speaker focusing on food sensitivities, environmental toxins and the development of autoimmune disease. Dr. Tom’s audience will discover that through clear understanding of how you got to where you are, you can figure out what it’s gonna take to get you well. We have a lot of mutual friends, Mark Hyman and Gunnar Lovelace and I actually was at Applying Functional Medicine and Clinical Practice with IFM, which is, I think, one of the better teaching organizations in the world for Functional Medicine. And Tom’s a faculty member and was one of my teachers 10 years ago when I took that course. And so I looked and I was just so delighted to see him again and reconnect and circled back with one of the influential people in my life, who helped kind of, helped me crystallize how I think about complex illness and particularly as it relates to the gut. And so today, we are gonna learn about the gut, how to get healthy and we’re gonna learn a little bit about peptides and maybe there are some peptides that are not so good for you. And so then we’re gonna dive into that and see what we learn. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us today.

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Gut Health: Impact Of Inflammation Production And Building A Healthy Microbiome​

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