Infertility & Thyroid Health

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  • Dr. Aumatma Shah discusses the intersection of infertility and thyroid health in a podcast with Dr. Kelly Halderman
  • She highlights the importance of support for individuals dealing with fertility challenges and emphasizes the need to address underlying issues early
  • Dr. Shah suggests three key areas for optimizing fertility: nutrition with diverse unprocessed foods, prioritizing healthy sleep patterns, and minimizing exposure to toxins in personal care products and plastics
  • The podcast also addresses the impact of birth control on fertility, noting potential disruptions in hormonal communication, microbiome imbalances, and nutritional deficiencies, leading to fertility issues
Dr. Kelly Halderman

Hi, I’m Dr. Kelly Halderman, I’m a former medical physician and author of the thyroid debacle. I’m now devoting my life to education, research and biotech because I realized we need educated people to bring us cutting edge information, especially when we find ourselves with a diagnosis such as hypothyroidism. When I was practicing al empathic medicine, I myself became very sick, bedridden with what would be diagnosed as Lyme and mold infections Along my health journey, I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroid itis, a condition I was told that could only be managed with medication. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is more than medication to help you as you will learn through my powerful interviews with several functional medicine practitioners. There are tools that will help empower you to take charge of your health join me today as I interview, leading doctors naturopathic specialists to uncover the most useful health insights for you. This podcast has been launched in collaboration with DrTalks visit them today at /calendar to learn more about their upcoming summits. 

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Infertility & Thyroid Health

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