Inflammation is a Root Cause of Pain and Disease and How to Immediately Address and Begin to Reverse Symptoms

Michelle Toole


Sanjeev Goel, MD, FCFP (PC), CAFCI

Welcome everyone. I’m Dr. Goel. This is the Advanced Antiaging Technology Summit. And today I have Michelle Toole with me and welcome. I’m just gonna read her little bio. Michelle Toole’s the founder of Healthy Holistic Living. She started a website in 2006 to share her exploration of natural and alternative health solutions when mainstream medicine offered only basic symptom relief for a mysterious neurological condition that within weeks took her from running a New York City Marathon to becoming bedridden and giving up her position as executive director of a social services nonprofit in Prescott, Arizona. 

Her journey as an information seeker resonated with thousands of readers as she followed a holistic path and experienced profound improvements in her physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing against an illness that took 20 years to diagnosis as multiple sclerosis. Fast forward to today, and we see that Healthline named Healthy Holistic Living as one of the best holistic health blogs of 2020 and she has over two million passionate followers. Through the years, Michelle has developed a strong network of others applying their talent and expertise along parallel paths to wellness. 

She became the co-owner of myKore Essentials, a family of magnesium oil based products after experiencing the beneficial effects of myKore magnesium oil spray for residual MS pain that flared up while she was in Peru to hike Machu Picchu. The driving force behind Michelle’s work continues to be the pursuit of life-changing information and to share it in a way that empowers people to improve their lives. So welcome, welcome again. I’m so excited to hear about the journey. And so I would like to, maybe just want to talk a little bit about that bio. I mean that’s quite a story that you were running this marathon and you had developed these strange symptoms. I mean, I guess MS typically has pretty obvious symptoms. But what was different about your symptoms?

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Inflammation is a Root Cause of Pain and Disease and How to Immediately Address and Begin to Reverse Symptoms

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