Inner Bonding: A Path To Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Health

Dr. Margaret Paul


  • We hear about the importance of self love, yet what does loving yourself actually mean?
  • Learn the 4 ways that people abandon themselves that create stress in our lives and understand how the concept of Inner Bonding can create a spiritual connection that is very important for our physical health.
Jana Danielson

Welcome, Welcome everyone back to another amazing interview at the Medicine of Mindset Summit. I’m Jana Danielson, I’ve been your host for most of this week and I am really excited about our next guest. So let me kind of tee this up a little bit, I am talking today and learning from and so grateful for Margaret Paul. She is a best selling author of not one or two or three books, but 12 books, she is a relationship expert, she is the creator, the founder of the inner bonding self healing process, which we’re going to take a little bit of a deeper dive into today. She’s been on all sorts of radio and tv programs and as I understand, have even been connected to Lady O, Oprah herself, and I have a hard time believing this, you’ve been on some, it’s for 50 years, that is amazing. So there is a lot of wisdom in this amazing woman in front of you today. Everyone please join me in welcoming Margaret Paul to the virtual stage today. So Margaret welcome,

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